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Murder at Boones Pond

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by sam, May 15, 2006.

  1. A young woman was found murdered at Boones Pond by a couple fishermen this morning.
    This is not the first murder victim to be found there this year. Not to mention all the odd sort of people that were arrested there last year.
    Police have asked for anyone that might have any information, or might of seen anything to please contact them at the Boone County Sheriff's Office:
    Sheriff - Dennis Brannon (765-482-1412) - 1905 Indianapolis Avenue, Lebanon, IN 46052
  2. I would think they need a permit to dump bodies in state waters.

  3. Did not expect that one Quail...:yikes:
  4. Just to up-date this, police do now have a suspect in custody !!
  5. Good deal and thanks for the update sam!!!

  6. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Has anyone ever fished here, and did they do any good? Also, where exactly is this located, i am looking for a place to ice fish after work for a few hours. Can you catch fish at night?
  7. Seabee. This pond is a "Borrow Pit" off of I-65. It is located east of the SR267 interchange just south of Lebanon. If you get off of the interstate, and turn east on 267 (away from Brownsburg) you will go around a little curve, and the parking lot is right there.
  8. Please dump your bodies in the containers provided. :)
  9. 267 and 65 fished thier in the early 80s, a lot of small bass.I talked to some people that took their chistmas trees out on the ice with bricks tied to them for crappie in the spring. Was a long time ago my be good now?
  10. That is the container that Boone co. provided for Marion co., First good place to stop and dump one, been a lot of bodys found their over the years.
  11. Umm...multiple dead bodies found there and you want to go there "to ice fish after work for a few hours"? And at night too? You've either got a death wish or balls of steel, CB!
  12. :lol:

    Man, that guy has the fever..
  13. You'd think a big tough guy like him would drink something a little more manly than wine coolers. :lol: J/K, Billy're the man!
  14. Ha!!!

    Wine coolers, I forgot about that story. What a tough guy.;)