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Mushroom musings?

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by goggleye57, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. No fishing!:bash: My mind has been turning to other pursuits (I'm not my sure my wife appreciates or not :)) But I've been thinking about the next big thing- Mushroom hunting! Maybe with all the rain we have had we'll have wet soil as we go into mushroom season? Got to try to make some lemonaid out of this lemon weather.

    We always make a couple of trips way up North. I thing this spring I'm going to try a little further south a little earlier. I'm not happy unless I'm a hunter-gatherer :)
  2. I've heard stories about all the 'rooms in Michigan? Are they true?

  3. Are we talking about 'Shrooms or Mushrooms? ;) They don't find them like they used to in the glory years of 20 - 30 years ago when all the elms were dying. You can find good bunches from time to time. The biggest plus to me is all the public ground to hunt.
    About 10 years ago 4 of us went up and found about 150 pounds over two days of hunting! (I know there were about that many because we sold over 100 lbs.)
  4. Nice yellow morels!!! :bowdown: We sometimes have to wear that camo to sneak onto the good spots :coolgleam
  5. I'm talking yellow morels, gray morels. Man that is a lot mushrooms. I could eat until I got sick on that many! When you say public ground are you talking parks, state forests, etc.? One other thing...what time am I supposed to meet you to ride up there with you to find these tasty things? :biggrin:
  6. National Forest, State Forest, timber land, private land - all kinds of places.
    We talked to a Conservation Officer in Northern Michigan and he told us that if private woods are not posted - go ahead and hunt mushrooms. Its often not clear if some land is public land or private. If it is private and not posted and the owner asked you to leave, leave pleasantly and you wouldn't have a problem.
    You can get one of those michigan mapbooks. They show the public land pretty clearly. In some parts of upper Michigan there is a bunch of it! We have a pretty regular crew that goes, but if we have a cancellation I'll let you know. Some years we are lucky to find a couple of pounds.
  7. Thanks for the info. It's several hours from me to the MI border (Terre Haute area), without giving away where you go how far north does a guy have to travel to get into 'em?

  8. i hunt almost all pubic land. wear camo so other pepole don't see where i go :hide: alot of them right here in town.:evilsmile {sneek up on them lol}
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  9. [​IMG]
    Above are two maps of Michigan - you can see the state forests and National Forests. Put them all together and it is a bunch of land! You don't have to go too far north to hit the Manistee National Forest- that would be the closest for you. As I said before get a Michigan county map book and drive up and start looking around (I like just driving around). I look for black Ash trees. That would lead you to likely spots. Get a compass! North and west of Cadillac would be a good place to start about on Mother's Day weekend. Caps and black morels first. Later in the season you will find white morels, not the same as the big yellow morels. The white morels will be right under black ash trees. If the mushrooms aren't up try trout or steelhead fishing, go see a lighthouse! You can camp in National Forests for free, watch for fire warnings. You can camp in State Forests for free too but you have to have a permit card to put on your tent or RV. Free at DNR offices. go up and enjoy the freedom!
  10. Thanks for the great info googleye57. I'm familiar with the Muskegon area and a little farther north. Spent several fall weekends salmon fishing in the area. Michigan is one of my favorite states to visit. Hope to make it there sometime to look for the spongey critters.

  11. Next spring we gotta set up a trip for this site.
  12. Hey Goggleye, That was a good "Trip" :dizzy: back in the 60s-70s, and, hey... the morel hunting was pretty damn good too.

    Bubba, Allright mister, first a stringer of sumptuous, delectable walleyes. Then a tempting display of Fun Guys. Man, brother, you're killing me with all this good looking grub.:evil: The maps were great Goggle...How 'bout some GPS
    coordinates? ;)
  13. Goggle, a buddy of mine goes north and hunt the power line easements around Grayling.... Or ar least he says he does. You don't sell your morels to a guy named John do ya? Just kiddin about the selling. I have seen the results though!