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Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by oldrookie, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. any of you northern folk heard of a guide by the handle of "iceman"? Apparantly his specialty is muskie and says Indiana has some of the best Muskies around. He fishes the Barbees, Tippi, and four or five others in same general area. Anyone do the same?

  2. No muskies but I guide smallmouth, walleye, steelhead, salmon, and waterfowl out of South Bend. Will ask a couple of my buddies if they have ever heard of him. There is a couple of muskie guides listed in Raghorn News. From the Barbie area. Always wanted to try for them, might have to get a guide myself this year. Best way to go to a new area is to take a guide first.
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  3. pigeonflyer...PM me with more info on the guide service on the St. Joe. Always looking to try something new and new areas. let me know best times of year for species, daily guide rates, campgrounds, hotels, forum discount rate:biggrin: , etc...and most important where the good grub joints are!

  4. muskies

    pigeonflyer.......i was planning a trip this past fall with this guide. Said bet time was just prior to first ice. Weather was still too warm 1st of november then the weather turned to mid teens and we missed it. The next best time is when the ice comes off. Being up north and with the winter being above average here in Indy, when do you think that will be? You have much ice now?

  5. We dont have any ice here now, but South Bend weather changes daily. Not sure on the best times for muskies. Do you get Raghorn news down there?:bonk:
  6. talked to a guy last night that had been down fishing Webster. He said they got into a few over 30 but nothing over 40" yet. that was last week.
  7. webster - muskies

    iceman...whats the slot for indiana muskies. looking to book a trip as soon as ice is off. maybe I ought to call them now?

  8. Never fished with this guy, but heard good things about him.
    Webster Lake Guide Service 574-834-1669
  9. Muskellunge

    I fished Webster for the first time in Oct. 2004. My buddy and I didn't catch any, but I had one follow. It was very cool to see that big booger come right up to the boat. I nearly soiled my Fruit of the Looms. I'd go back in a hearbeat. Those big bruisers are pretty cool.
  10. I like that "SOILED THE FRUITS" Was catching gar all summer here last year in the river. They were hangin in 1 spot till it finally got cold. They would do the same thing, follow to the boat. Then you let the lure sit on top of the water and they would grab it right in front of you. I bet I caught 50 last summer. Every trip I would stop and try for them, just for the heck of it. Was neat to watch them. Biggest 1 I caught was 5' and he was jumpin like a tarpon. FISH ON!!!!! Bad part was trying to get your lure back from them, if I was lucky they would just get loose at the boat.:help:
  11. Anyone ever fished Lake Of The Woods outside Bremen before. It is supposed to be a good lake for muskies also. Never tried that one, but might have to this year. Used to catch creek chubs in a creek behind that lake and caught baby muskies 3 times in that creek. Any pointers??????
  12. a lot of people around here take the gar after catching them and throw 'em up in the woods never to swim again.