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musky fisherman

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Arrow 1, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Hey, I just jumped over here from the Ohio, site. Is there any musky fisherman over here?:fish: :bouncy:
  2. At least one, just found the website myself. I'd ask where you fish for them, but since this is a indiana hunting and fishing site I have a real good northeast indiana

  3. yes there is musky life on here. just started using this site myself...bill
  4. I keep finding lots of members that post a couple times and leave,,MFK does hang out though.. Thats a big muskie you have there MFK
  5. Add to the list

    James lyon
    I'd even go for them myself if given the chance!
  6. I'll guide you Keith. Your boat, snacks, gas, equipment...I'll provide the instruction, heck I'll even bring my own tackle. I prefer Webster Lake...I know all the hotspots there. Get with me soon, I'm booking up quick.
  7. Quail we can go Muskie fishing to if you want. Better start working out everyday you will need it. Ask the two boys about throwing those big baits all day.
  8. I'm game if you are! But let's not neglect those poor walleyes in Pike. So many fish, so little time. Seriously, I'd chace one of those water wolfs!
  9. Yes takes a real man to muskie fish all day!
  10. if it has gills i am there fish on !:fish:
  11. Musky Madness!!

    Hey Randy, They don't call it the fish of 10,000 casts for nothin', huh??!!:hide: !!!
  12. You got that right...unfortunately I still have a few thousand more casts before I get the first fish...It'll be worth it though!!!
  13. Muskie Fishing in Southern IN

    New size limit signs have been posted by IDNR on the bulletin board in the South Parking Lot of Bluegrass Pit in the Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Area near Evansville, IN.

    Muskie size limit will be 36". There are plenty of small crappie and bluegills along with thousands of Gizzard Shad for the Muskie to feed upon.

    The only problem I can foresee is the water quality which is full of lots of ions. The water is pretty fertile and there is extensive underwater weed growth. Eurasian Milfoil predominates along with some other submergent vegetation.

    Bluegrass Pit is Hydrologically connected to Loon pit via a 36" diameter Culvert that runs under Boonville New Harmony Road between the two bodies of water. And Otter pit lies to the south of Loon Pit and it's also connected hydrologically with Loon pit via another 36" diameter culvert that runs under Kansas Road.

    So Muskie theoretically could escape these three pits and swim down Blue Grass Creek during times of flooding and then enter Pigeon Creek and them maybe make it into the Ohio River. From there they can go anywhere down river and then into KY lake or down to the Mississippi river. Maybe they will keep the grass carp at bay?

    I am not for sure if they have actually stocked any muskie in this pit yet but the signs are already up on the board at the actual pits parking lot.

    The IDNR creel survey clerks in 2006 and in 2004 surveyed many fisherman in this area while they were fishing and asked if they would want the lakes stocked with muskie.

    I don't think that 80% of the fisherman down this way have any clue how to fish for muskie. Unless they fish up north they won't have the equipment. I am ready to go already as I have not only the rods and reels necessary to troll for muskie but the 6" to 9" long baits that are used to catch big muskie in Canada.

    The pits are only 210 acres at most and that's loon pit. Bluegrass is only about 190 acres and Otter is only 90 acres in size. So the muskie can't hide from us for long. I'll figure out where they are.

    I just hope they don't eat all the crappie in the pits.