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Musky Fishin Kevin

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by fire831, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Kevin, thought I would share my good news and bad news with ya. Last Sat. 6-18-05 I was at my friends cottage on Little Barbee and we went for a ride on there pontoon with his family. The good news is I landed my first musky. We were on Sawmill and I was trolling a small plug and as we were getting close to the channel to go to Sechrist, fish on. After a short battle we got it on the boat, was 40 inches and weighed 17 lb - 11 oz. Now the bad news, I had intentions of getting it back in the water to be caught again some other day but as soon as it got in the net it went wild and got itself and the hooks all tangled up and with it not holding still and all by the time I could get it back in the water it had been to long. I tried reviving it with no luck, when I thought it was trying to swim away it just swam down and then went belly up on the bottom. I decided I was not gonna let a beautiful fish like that go to waste so I got it back out of the water and it is now in my freezer waiting to go to the taxidermist. I see what you are talking about needing to use one of those rubber nets and being fast at getting them back in the water. I think i'll try to be better prepaired next time. This is gonna be an expensive venture, but I have always wanted a nice musky on my wall to go with my crappie and 10 point buck I killed last fall. I think I have the fever now and can't wait to get my next one.:biggrin:
  2. I wondered what all the hootin' and hollerin' was about Sat. nite in the neighborhood. I dont want to hear that you got the "fever" is time you got back to panfishing, maybe concentrate on that 12" gill for the fish though, kinda made your vacation......:biggrin: :bowdown: :coco: :evilsmile

  3. Geez, was that you yelling?? I could hear you over on Kuhn...... Congrats for the catch, sorry to hear about the belly up thing, but it can happen and 40" isn't too bad a size to put on the wall... If you would rather buy a net used and save some cash check out some of the Musky websites like Musky Hunter, Muskie 1st, and Muskies101... Here is one I found on Muskie 1st:

    not exactly cheap, since its brand new, but if you post on those sites and mention you are looking for a used net I am sure someone can help you out, I can also check with some friends and see if anyone has one they are willing to part with. Beckman Finsavers(couple sizes available), and Frabill's Big Kahunas and Big games are very good ones, Beckmans other treated nets are very good also. If your current net is big enough to handle Musky, perhaps just replace the bag, it will save you some money. Rollie and Helens Musky shop, Thorne Brothers, Smokey's Musky shop, and Pastikas are a few places to try for new nets or replacement bags. R&H, Smokey's and Pastikas all have online catalogs to browse, not sure about Thorne Bros... But all will ship...
    Welcome to the sicknes I call Musky

    Another thing, I may have mentioned this before, but it does not hurt to say again, good hook cutters in the boat are great too, hooks can be replaced easily.. Diagonal cutters, mini 9" Bolt cutters, 8" or bigger needlenose pliers are a couple things to have around when playing with Musky.. Do you have a pic of the beast? If so try and post it.... Congrats again on the 1st of many...
  4. Just got back from taxidermist and useing a good tape measure it was 41 inches and 17 1/2 inch girth. Picked out a nice piece of driftwood to put it on and plack with info on. I have a pic but not sure how to post it. I talked to my buddy who helped me net it and he said Sun morning after I caught mine, someone caught one just over from his cottage on Little Barbee. Soundslike the bite must be on for those critters.
  5. I think if they are biting its a day time bite, I have been night fishing everyday since friday... Nothing after dark, all action happening while its light.. They are not extremely active, but they are hitting.. To post a picture you have to have it online somewhere. Lots of guys use a website called I think... If you have a yahoo account you may be able to post it on yahoo and then get it here...

    almost forgot, a friend has a frabill biggame net he is willing t o sell, $85 if you can pick it up at the lake
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm gonna have to wait on any purchases for now, taxidermist bill.:biggrin: I'll probably hold off on anymore musky tries until I get a better net and equipment. Time to start looking for that huge bluegill.
  7. glad to see the "fever" has broke..."the nubbin" will be waiting...i wonder what catching a muskie will do to the "new girl"...later fire the rest of the week off:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  8. Kevin, I posted a picture in the photo gallery under the musky section.
  9. That thing has got a gut on it.... Looks like it was eating well. When you get the funds together for a net just let me know, I'll see if my friend still has that one available..
  10. [​IMG]Theres your pic.... Nice fish man
  11. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Great looking's a big fish no matter where you fish. I've been crimping all the barbs down on my plugs, crank baits. That way, I can get the fish back into the water quicker....they don't get caught up in the net.....and if they get into your fingers, they're easier to pull out.