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Musky Lure Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Indy Archer, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. I am headed out on my first trip for Musky next Thursday and Friday on Lake Webster with my brother. We are going to fish with a guide in the evenings and from my brother's boat during the day on Friday. Hopefully the fish will be done spawning and be ready to pick up the feeding activity and be very aggressive. I am eager to put my new St Croix Triumph rod and Ambassadeur Record reel to the test vs a monster fish. :yikes:

    Appreciate any suggestions on lures or tactics that any of you can share.
  2. Bucktails ger results I guess...I caught mine on a bass size buzzbait...but it was not this time of year obviously...

  3. Whatever Quaildancer and treehugger didn't throw when they were there is what you should use! :lol: Seriously, I heard about a couple taken recently (not on Webster) on a rattletrap. I've always had pretty good luck on large, suspending jerkbaits. And tmarsh is right, bucktail inline spinners are tough to beat.
  4. Firetiger or purple and pink Buchertails my friend...... Can't go wrong with 'em. 80% of the muskie I've caught were on a buchertail with a copper blade.
  5. Go to icemansguideservice,com and they have daily reports of action on Webster. I think they also have a section on lures as well.

    Good Luck!
  6. For the record, I didn't fish with treehugger on that day.;)

    I am planning a few trips for them myself this year, and plan to fish basic bass gear, mid to large size crankbaits, bucktails, or swimming heavy bass jigs with large large plastic bodies. By large, I mean the upsize of what most would use while bass fishing, not the $25 and up Muskie Lures that I'm going to leave on the store shelves. Don't wish to imply that I'm experienced in this area at all, I'm not, but the advice I've recieved by the people who fish for them often, that seems to be the way to go.
  7. I know was oldrookie...but I couldn't do that to him. He's actually nice to me!

  8. I'm with you on this one Mr. Bird. Musky fishing has become the fad over the last couple years, and they are seeing THOUSANDS of lures now. Big flashy, stupid looking lures. What do you do for fish that have seen all of that, you downsize...luckily, to downsize for musky, means throw big bass baits...i think this is a winning strategy...big lures catch big fish...small lures catch all fish...
  9. Nah...... I've turned back many under 30" that were caught on Suicks, Twin Fins, Invaders and Magnum Bucher Tails .... even the little ones eat big baits. The fish are predators and the more commotion caused by the bait - the more reaction (and action) you'll receive. If the fish are hungry they'll eat, if they're to pressured... you will be lucky to have a follow up. I'm not saying to go get yourself a Grunt (16") or anything..... But the smallest bait I've caught one on was a jointed Thunderstick (just under 6") and that was early spring. Most of the baits we throw are between 7" - 10".
  10. Thanks guys. I am not going to over do it on the tackle, but there is just something about catching a predator fish on a big ole swimmer like a jointed believer - caught several pike in Canada on a one the last couple of years.

    My brother caught a nice 42" (as I remember the story - and by the way, he "forgot" his camera that day) his first day out. Looking to duplicate his success.
  11. Sliders, Darters, Bulldawgs, Big Buzzers, Zara Spook, Swimmers, Big Curly Tail Jigs. Be sure take along a Barbie Doll too...when all else fails throw the Barbie Doll!!!
  12. Tree, I never thought about the Barbie Doll.......... my daughter has A TON of 'em... Couple of Rubber bands, some 5/0 trebles and steel leader would do it eh? lol
  13. You rig her head first, or feet first?
  14. Legs open Marsh...... Makes for great action..... Just ask Our Gander Mountain Pro (Deano)
  15. oh, this isn't the little doll, this is the inflatable version? my bad...