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Muzzle loader season over

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by 410, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Well this evening I have called it quits for muzzle loading season, due to everyone coming over tomorrow and it is the last day to hunt. Man I have ran into some bad luck the last two days. Went out and seen does and small bucks, pick out a good big doe at around 75 yards and took aim, pull the trigger and after the smoke cleared the deer ran off. Never touch her. Then tonight same thing lots of does pick out a big doe took aim fired and the doe ran away. Went to the house and shot a couple of rounds and the gun was shooting about 4 to5 inches high and to the right. The only thing I can think of is I took the gun apart to clean it and must have knock the scope off. DAMM IT.:banghead3
    How did you muzzle loading season go?
  2. me too 410 not hunting this weekend being i work for the phone company all this rain has opened up overtime for the holiday weekend so i have put my gun up hopeing for some time with the bow next week but can't turn down the pay for the next two days

  3. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Hey bro, just got in from work a little while ago, long day!!!
    I am actually passing up the overtime tommorow for a last chance to score with my new muzzle loader. Ill be back on the front lines on tuesday theres plenty more work out there. If they send ya down to the city give me a hollar!
  4. Never had a dang deer in range. I'm goin out in the morning for one more shot at it. Hopefully luck will be on my side!
  5. Cleaned my smoke pole tonight and put it away till next year. Going out with my bow next weekend to try and fill my last tag.
  6. Been one of the worst muzzy seasons i can remember. The weather has been absolutely horrible. Usually we have some snow on the ground and temps around 20 degrees. This year we got 60 degrees, rain, strong winds. I have had exactly one doe in shooting range and i blew the shot. That was last evening. I went tonight and saw 12 rigth at dark, about 200 yards off in a neighboring field. Going to try in the morning and hopefully i can finally fill my bonus tag.
  7. Sorry to hear about your luck Brad. While the weather could have been better, this was a great blackpowder season here in the NE corner. I wish we could have had more snow, but can't predict it. While neither Dan, or myself, took a buck, I saw a ton of action and some real promising bucks that made it through the guantlet. Our farmer's boys drove deer yesterday and reported seeing many deer and some real good ones. I look forward to getting the Cudde back out to see what has made it thus far.
  8. i took my omega all apart today and did a thorough cleaning and put it up for the year. great season overall. i just wish i seen as many bucks in muzzleloader season as i did in early archery. i'll be doing some 'yote calling in a couple of weeks and hopefully some ice fishing!
  9. No luck on the final day. Went out to fill my doe tag and had 2 bucks less then 20 yards from me this morning. Both were young guys. Then i decided to go this evening after watching that pathetic attempt of defense the Colts put on. I told my wife i had to get out of the house and hunt or else i wasnt going to be much fun the rest of the evening. I seen 6 does, but they were just out of range. I had seen a lot of deer in this field i hunted tonight during shotgun season, but only 6 tonight. Very dissapointing muzzy season for me. Shotgun on the other hand was better then normal for me.
  10. I went out once last week with the ML and was lucky enough to tag out.