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Muzzleloader help

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by Backstrap_Buffet05, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. I received a Knight muzzleloader from my uncle after he won it in a raffle and they gave it to him in the wrong box. I finally figured out that you put the 209 primer in the red plastic jacket and that is how it ignites. The problem is that the 209 fits into one end of the jacket and that is the only side that the breech end fits into. I was wondering if anyone else out there knew how it goes together, or if I bought the wrong thing, or something else? I am very knew to Muzzleloading and need some serious help.
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  2. the red jacket: the 209 goes into the larger end
    hey since you don't have instructions go to the knight website it will help
    you should really get with somone that has experience in black powder shooting i know someone in the area has experience try a gun shop
    its for your own safety and others around you
    is your profile right your 15 please get some help with this if you weren't 2 hours from me i would come there tonight
    you guys in the north someone help this kid

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  3. Thanks for the help but just because I'm 15 doesnt mean I walk around like a hillbilly and point guns at everybody. I know how to be safe around guns. I went to the local gun shop and theyre the ones that gave me the wrong stuff to use. Knight's website is unaccessable.
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  4. Happens to us all, I'm an old Fart and have had the same thing happen to me several times. The gun shops seem to be after a quick sale, not so much into offering good customer service.
    Lots of good guys on here to help you with the information you need. I too am new to the M/L experience this year, have learned the most from other guys on here. Best of luck to you.
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  6. Don't be so quick to judge there Buckhead, try not to judge all of us young guns by the kind of stuff that Buckmaster post. BB_05 has been hunting deer, rabbit, and pheasants for 4 years now with a shotgun, and bow. He has also taken the hunter's safety education course, so don't think that every kid on the block with a gun in his hands doesn't know what he's doing. I know some kids that I would trust more to be around with a gun than some
    adults(no offense).
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  7. ouch i'm not implying anything go ahead and do what you please young man you must know more than i do sorry i've only hunted for 30 years son
    boys not implying the wrong things you just got someone that isn't sure of his gun i think that qualifies as dangerous but who should care what happens regardless of age is that what your saying?accidents do happen inexperience with a gun isn't the place for a young man to start out with tinelock i don't know how you were raised or this young man but i do know guns kill people everyday due to lack of experience or ignorance
    but never mind i'm a concerned hunter ok and a father to a young man myself that i try to teach the right way
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  8. muzzleloaders are a whole new breed of gun and just because he has hunted all those animals for a whopping 4 years doesnt make him an expert on the proper way to handle a muzzleloader. I looked over that hunter ed course information on the website... and it didnt have anything in it about knight muzzleloaders and how to properly get them to work... it didnt have anything about the specifications and load capacities either... Must have taken a different hunter ed course than us I suppose. I think what the guy was trying to say is be careful... These things can go off even after you dont think they will... These arent your standard shotgun and even though safety rules apply to all firearms there are some special ones that apply to muzzleloaders. Its better to ask an expert then tool around with it and wind up like a kid a few towns over. His muzzleloader blew in half on him and it amputated his hand at the wrist for him. He was older than 15 so he must have had a PHD in muzzleloading then egh? Dont take things so literally.. everyone is looking out for your safety and others whether you want it to be looked out for or not.
  9. Oh no, I didnt want to sound like a smart*** or anything. I'm sure you have a lot more expirience and know a lot more than me. I just reread your post and now can see that you didnt mean anything by it. I just dont like being considered unsafe just because I'm not as old as everyone. Sorry about what I said and thanks for the concern.
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  10. I don't believe either of us said that we knew more than you, and I think I can speak for both of us in saying that we weren't trying to zone in on you and try look like we know everything. That is the exact reason I posted the part about Buckmaster. I'm just trying to say that every kid you see with a gun in his hands isnt unsafe. I understand that muzzleloaders are a lot more complicated than shotguns, it just came across to me that you were saying he was ingnorant on gun safety and had no clue what he was doing
  11. I think these younguns are alright and meant no disrespect. It's good that BB05 is at least asking questions...he KNOWS that he doesn't know it all. Cut them some slack...
  12. young man no age dosen't have anything to do with it"s inexperience with THE gun he dosen't have experience with the muzzelloader i wasn't implying this for his overall experience guns are dangerous if you ahven't been introduced to them properly i'm sure he is safe it's not him i'm just worried about IT'S THE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS ONE GUN THAT HE DOESN'T KNOW
    in the end we can all learn everyday not just assume that we know it all regardless of the subject
    and jl i would bet you wouldn't want your child in this position
    we can all take leadership in teaching folks about guns and the sport of hunting regardless of age NEVER ASSUME YOUR JOB IS DONE AS AN OUTDOORSMAN IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE
  13. You're right...I would teach my child how to handle these weapons, but if I wasn't around to do so, I would HOPE that my child would ask questions if he was unsure, much like this young man has done.

    You're absolutely right!
  14. concerned is all i was about
  15. I know that.