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Muzzleloader load and powder..

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Fish Hook, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    What load do you guys use? gun you use, bullet grain, powder v.s. pellets, how much ect.
  2. I shoot 100g of 777 loose powder and 300g hornady xtp mostly. I like the 777 primers as well. I'll shoot tomorrow and go down to 90g of powder and 250g shockwave. Its fun to try various loads.

  3. 100 gr. 777, and 295 gr. Powerbelt Hollowpoint. 2.5" 5 shot groups at 150 yards. Everytime.
  4. fullrut

    fullrut Guest

    Encore 50 CAL. 250Grain T/C Shockwaves, 150 Grains 777.
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  5. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    I use 300 gr. Shockwaves with 100 gr. 777 pellets.
  6. T/C Omega, 100 gr. Pyrodex pellets, 250 gr. Powerbelts = dinner.
  7. With my Traditions I had, I used 90 gr. 777 loose powder with a 295 gr. Powerbelt and had great results.

    With my new Omega, that I still have yet to shoot, I'll probably start with 100 gr. of pellet 777 and a 250 gr. shockwave. It seems the load that a lot of Omega shooters go with. I'll start there and see how it does.
  8. t/c encore, 100 grains of Jim Shockey Gold loose powder- still fiddling around between the 200 grain shockwave or the 250.
  9. T/C omega, 100gn 777 pellets, 250gn shockwave bullet
  11. My primary muzzleloader is a NULA model 209. Its designed for smokeless powder and a unbelievable gun to hunt with. Its very light, well built and extremely accurate. All my loads are 1" or less at 100 yards and all over 2200 fps with 250, 275, and 300 grain bullets.

    I also have two custom guns built locally by SMI in Hartford City, Indiana. Ron Name has built a fine reputation manufacturing smokeless powder replacement barrels for single shot frames and re-barreling guns like the Savage 10ML-II and Ruger #1. I've got a re-barreled Savage and I've seen a number of his Ruger work to know its top notch...

    If you want to discuss smokeless powder muzzleloading, drop me a line.

    Pat Allen
  12. White, "Whitetail Hunter" 100 grain 777 pellets, 240 gr. Hornady XTP.
    White, "White Lightning" 100 grain 777 pellets, 300 gr. Hornady SST.
    Knight 93LT 100 grain 777 pellets, 250 gr. Barnes X-pander.
    Encore Pro Hunter 100 grain 777 pellets, 250 gr. Hornady SST.
    T/C Renegade 75 grain loose 777, 240 gr. Hornady XTP.
    These are the best rounds I've found for each gun
  13. Cabela's Traditional Hawkin, .50cal flintlock. 60gr Hodgen FFFg blackpowder, Hornaday .499 roundball with .015 patch lubed with TC Bore Butter.

    I use FFFg because I believe it burns faster and more completely.
  14. I shoot strictly real BP, even out of my caplocks.

    Of course, my Flint requires it.

    I need to buy another 25lb in Aug.
  15. T/C omego, 100 grains of pyrodex pellets, 250 grain shockwaves.