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muzzleloader shoot

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by Indianahunter, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. I'd like to hookup with those who primarily hunt with a muzzleloader and have a fun day shooting, We did this on another board and it went over very well. Any thoughts?

  2. Pat,

    I am not a muzzleloader hunter myself, but I would still like to get together with fellow hunters from this board for the sake of meeting you all.


  3. I think I would really enjoy a day like that. I am new to muzzleloading and even newer to Indiana. Need to meet new friends and maybe learn something from the pros on muzzleloading.
  4. Pat

    I agree that was a great day of shooting, and I would like to do it again sometime. Finding a good range to use like that is the only problm I see.

    With any luck I'll have my SMI before anyone gets another shoot like that lined out. Ron said it was about finished, and would be the 1st one he completed when he gets back from vacation.
  5. I think it would be good to meet some of our hunting neighbors. But where would you meet? I am all for it. I have a boat load of muzzleloaders and love to use them. I primarily hunt bow. But verture quite often for muzzleloading during firearms season and muzzleloading. E mail me if I can help. :grouphug:
  6. Sounds like fun, set it up...are new muzzleloaders welcome??? I shoot an Encore but I do have a traditional that I built myself.
  7. Where we would have the shoot is the main problem that I see. The insurance at many ranges will not allow a gathering like this. I know thats what we ran into last year, and is the reason that the range we used would not be available again.

    The shoot that Pat and I were at was mainly Savage muzzleloaders, so yes inlines would have to be allowed in my openion. The guys from SMI brought out a few of their guns, and one guy had an Encore, but the rest of us either had Savage or brought some other rifle along to shoot. The host of the shoot had a .308 that every one of us shot, and I do not think that any of us missed the 800 yard target with it.
  8. I could try to make if to something like this, I shure ain't a good shot with my cheap little clunker CVA but it works... I might be able to pick up some good info and tips which would make the trip worthwhile... I'm always up for some shooting!!!

    I normally shoot behind my parents house, and I could set up a bunch of targets if everybody would wanna do something like that. Might be colder then a, well we all know what... :rolleyes: I have a feeling it would be to cold for that for awhile though...

  9. The best advice that I will give at a shoot if we do all get together would be to buy a Savage, or an SMI. I think that Indianahunter will probably give the same advice out to any nonsmokeless powder muzzleloader shooters.
  10. You know if we get to Atterbury early we could get all 5 100 yard benchs and if someone showed up we could consolidate into three or four...just a thought... Also it should be a board shoot...We can shoot pistols at 50 yards and even shoot some skeet...
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  11. I like the Atterbury idea other than the distance that I would have to drive. Of corse that is nothing compared to what SW drove from Arkansas for last years shoot.

    That would be a lot easier than one of us trying to find a range to use. I think it was over on Patrick Whites board that there were some others wanting to have a get together. Maybe post something over there and set a date then see how many can attend.