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Muzzleloader Time!!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by coonslayer21, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Muzzleloader season just around the corner. So who alls going out? It will be the first time this year i will go with any sort of gun, since i missed firearms season.
  2. My uncle gave me a brand new Knight muzzleloader so I am planning on going out with it this year, but I havent even shot the dang thing yet.

  3. If shotgun doesn't pick up here real soon, I'll be taking my M/L out of the closet.
    This will be a first for me, I've owned the gun for 4 years but have yet to fire it. So many guys on here telling me about how much they love the M/L, I just have to give it a try. I'll be picking up supplies today, give up some hunting time on Sunday to make sure the sights are on target.
  4. Muzzleloader is going to be great this year with the screwed up rut. I use a muzzleloader during all gun seasons as well.
  5. Lookin' forward to M/L season. It's usually the first chance we get down here to hunt in snow. The way the temperatures are though, the snow thing is not looking too good.
  6. Love the muzzleloader, TC Omega. Bought it this past spring and used it for the first time last Sunday. I'll never use a shotgun again for deer hunting. May or may not get back out with it this year but can't wait until next year to do it again.
  7. A muzzle loader is all I use even during shotgun season. WHY the old T/C can reach out there around 200 yards. Plus I save shells by just having one shot. HA! HA!
  8. First time for teh Muzzle Loader

    This is my 2nd year of hunting with my T/C - Last year I did not pull it out until I killed a deer with my shotgun so did not get a chance to shoot anything. This year I did not even get my shotgun out - Muzzle Loader all the way! That is all I will be hunting with - killed my first deer with a muzzle loader last weekend - nice doe!! Still hunting that big buck and I am sure I will be out during M/L season.

    Good Luck to everyone on getting the big one!!! Or in the case around here just getting one - my hunting buddy still does not have a deer and he always tags before me - Just not seeing the deer during gun season like we did last few years.

    Not for sure if the ruts messed up or the late start to firearms season effected it!