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Muzzleloader Type? Loads?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tar-12, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what you guys will be packing to the woods tomorrow.Personally my son and I will be packing are Savages.His gun is "stock"and he will be shooting 44 grns of Accurate Arms5744,short black MMP sabot,fed 209a primer and the 250 grn hornady XTP.2150fps.My custom HB Savage will be shooting 45 grains of VihtaVuori N110 and the above mentioned components at 2400 fps.Solid deer smokers!
  2. :yikes:

    And people get all up in arms about me wanting to use Pistol Caliber Carbines during Centerfire Season... :banghead3

    At least I use a real Muzzleloader (Flintlock with Minnieball & Black Powder) during ML season, not a Caseless Ammunition Centerfire Rifle. :rolleyes:

  3. You still get just one shot and it loads from the muzzle.
  4. I have taken many deer with traditional muzzleloading equipment. This equipment has failed in the field with me on more than one outing. Anyone ever had a mis-fire with a traditional muzzleloader? I know I have.

    I look at the new muzzleloaders as a welcomed improvment over traditional equipment.

    Dont get me wrong but how many of us are driving Model-T Fords today?

    I would rather take my traditional muzzleloader to the range and shoot it at paper where a mis-fire is not as dissapointing.
  5. Come on now,Knight lists faster loads with pyrodex! The Savages are no different than any other gun that loads from the muzzle.We shoot pistol bullets out of the Savages. And they in no way reach "centerfire performance.What people fail to realize is is that the sabot can only take so much pressure,so it is in deed limited to how fast it will shoot.It just does it much more reliably,with out the clean-up.Gotta love that!There are many,many,many,more bullet and powder choices in which a person can choose, to humanely harvest deer.It is what I want in terms of performance.You choose to do it in another manner.I will not knock you for your choice.Do not knock me for mine.You should be getting your wish in terms of Pistol caliber Carbines this coming season,according to a CO I talked with.Good luck to you. For those of you who are interested in the Savage 10Ml,here is a wonderful place for info.
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  6. Ultralite Arms # 33 in 50 cal... 45 grains Imr-SR-4759 and a 275 Barnes XPB. This combo is pushing 2400 fps as well.
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  7. traditions hawken caplock 70grns black powder patch and ball very accurate to 50 yds
  8. I was hoping you would forget and leave that ULA here.:biggrin:
  9. Ya, Quintin would have liked that!
  10. Anyone else ever have a traditional eqipment failure? My Encore has NEVER failed me and I dont believe it ever will.
  11. Agreed. One bad primer is all it would take...
  12. I use 2 50gr pellets and a 240gr XTP. WOW just think if we let everyone take out what they wanted to kill deer. Someone would use a tank or bombs just everything. I am happy will the way it is set up, there is a little something for everyone.
  13. As JL said, a bad primer will end it all for you. I had a bad 209 primer on the shooting range, fortunately not in the field. I hope that never happens.
  14. Not knocking the weapon at all. Just pointing out the dichotomy in what is considered "acceptable" where ballistics are concerned.

    The fact remains that a fast-twist ML using a sabot (especially a "High-performance"/smokeless variant) will outperform a good number of centerfire rifles, not to mention centerfire pistol caliber carbines. Yet one is vigorously defended while the other is declared "too dangerous" - usually citing terminal range. (I am glad the DNR has, so far, begun to see this ballistic reality. I am also politically savy enough that I won't believe it until I see it in the next set of regs.)

    And, FWIW, I also have a Caseless Ammunition Centerfire Rifle. I just choose not to use it during Primitive season. ;)