My 07 Turkey.... Mount

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  1. Well guys, I was going to do my own tail mount, But............
    I went to the NWTF page bought all the stuff, and just when i was going to start it, I realized i was over my head on this one. Mabe another time, but for my first turkey, No way.......
    I brought it to Taxidermist and this is what i got back!


    Well Worth The 65.00 I paid ........ :)
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  2. Why did you feel like you were in over your head...??? I was planning on doing my own as well... with the wings included too.
  3. looks good
    who did the work??
  4. The Taxidermist is "Whitetail Impressions" he did me a great deal.
    As far as over my head, the instructions were not cohearant enought, and i was being told way to many differant things. It was my first Turkey and i did not want to mess it up.
  5. Looks good. I like the wood. My preference is more of the back feathers leading up into the secondary feathers, but nothing wrong with the way he did that one for you.

    Don't be scared of it next time. Mounting a turkey tail is one of the easiest taxidermy things to do. I just did mine the other night from freezer to drying board was about 2 hours, but I've done many over the years.

    I've got a couple more to do yet, I'll have to take step by step photos and put up a "how to" post.
  6. Derek, you ever do any using the wings...??? Is this allot more complicated...??? It seems like it would be hard to screw up. The taxidermist I talked to while waiting to check my bird in wanted $175 for just a tail mount.
  7. :yikes: That's a lot of money for very little work. I've done four of them now, and I'd feel bad about charging any more than $50. I don't know how that guy sleeps at night...
  8. It sounded stupid high to me. Of course he was also trying to give me $50 credit on a whitetail mount for my first turkey... what a trade...!!! (His wife wanted one...)
  9. Not yet, but I have one in my freezer right now that I'm going to pull out the first of the week and I'm going to do the wings on it. I got a good step by step how to from another forum and I'm going to try it. The bird is for a buddy of mine and I'm not charging him for it. I'm helping Stallion with his too in a couple weeks. I'll let you know how the wings turn out.

    Here are a couple that I've done for myself.



    Sorry, not trying to jack this thread. The original poster got a nice mount.:coolgleam
  10. Its ok guys!!!!! Have fun........ I want to learn how to do it on my own.
    I just did not want to take the chance on my veary first turkey......
  11. JL good thing you are not a taxidermist if you would feel bad about charging more than $50, because you would feel even worse trying to live and pay overhead on $15 profit.
    Panel= $33.00
    Shipping= $3.00
    Time= 1 hour of work plus the down time that the customer is in the shop.

    Quality work isn't cheap!
    You don't go and work a full day for nothin...why should we?
  12. 175.00 may not be that bad depending on the area that taxidermist is in.
  13. Didn't mean to "ruffle your feathers," so to speak, LHTaxidermy. By no means am I a taxidermist, but I know how easy (and cheap) it is for me to mount a tail, beard and spurs, and make it look decent. I don't care if it's the best-looking tail mount in the world, to me, it certainly wouldn't be worth spending $175. I wouldn't want anyone to have to work for "free" or close to it, but I would expect to pay a reasonable rate for a tail-mount, and that price doesn't seem reasonable. Only my opinion, no offense intended.
  14. It's all about what you want and are willing to pay.