My best day in the turkey woods ... ever.

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  1. This is long and I’m sorry. But what a hunt. I'm a turkey junkie and I've had my fun in the turkey woods before, but Sunday took the cake.

    After having absolutely no luck at one of my “hot spots” on Saturday, I decided to hook up with Andy, my local hunting buddy, that a few on here have met. Now, I don’t normally turkey hunt with Andy because, well quite frankly … he’s generally bad luck in the turkey woods (trust me, he’d admit to it). But he claimed he was into birds and couldn’t figure them out, so we decided to tag team on Sunday morning. Now, Andy has gone 8 years without a bird, so I didn’t have high hopes for our hunt. So my goal was to get Andy a bird. As we walk down the lane, I said “hold on, this always works for Will Primos and proceeded to take out the Hoot Tube. First blow … GOBBLE! We were both floored because I’d never had one shock to an owl before. So, on we pressed and set up on the roosted tom. Unfortunately, roosted ain’t roasted. Upon day break, that bird flew off away from us. BUT, we had birds just THUNDERING on the ridge we’d walked past on the way in, about 300 yards away. We were set up in a ground blind overlooking a 10 year field, that we just knew the birds had to check. They thundered at us until 8:30 am, when we couldn’t take it any longer. During that sit, we had a hen come into the decoys and she and I carried out a heated exchange of yelps and clucks that was the coolest I’ve ever witnessed. Andy caught it all on video. So anyway, at 8:30, we ditch the ground blind and dump the dekes in the weeds, jump into a ditch and make our way to the woods that couple birds are in. We opt for the high route and I sent Andy about 50 yards into the woods to set up, while I sat back and called. I hadn’t been there 30 seconds and I see a long beard and 5 jakes running from our woods straight to our abandoned ground blind. I just sat there in awe, as they found MB-mobile in the tall grass and decided to pummel him not 5 yards from the D.B. blind. So Andy and I re-joined and hatched a plan to circle and get in front of those birds. We were just about to make our move when GOBBLE. Right behind us. So, we pressed on to go after the remaining gobbler in the woods. As we set up, that bird couldn’t have been 50 yards from us. Everything I threw at him he thundered back. But then he started away from us. I moved back, I moved to the side, I called, I shut up, but he moved away. So we made an aggressive move on him. On our last set at around 10:00, he was thundering just over the ridge at us. I look over to Andy and he is signaling to our right. I look and here come 3 jakes, single file. I had one jake in my sights with no intent to shoot. I wanted them to swing over and give Andy a shot, but it never materialized. They turned at the last minute and circled back. So I told Andy that I was going to put a “deer drive” on them. I circled out the other way, trying to push them to him. He saw them exit the woods and hook up with the gobbler and go across a ditch.

    THE LAST STAND: Worn out, beaten by 10 birds, and licking our wounds, I convinced Andy that we should cross the ditch and look into an open field that the birds had gone to. We got there and nothing. I looked to the left and saw a small stand of trees and told him that I thought we should go sit there for a little while. Reluctantly, he agreed. I think deep down, we both were ready to call it quits. So we enter the woods and I saw a clearing with a giant old oak tree overlooking a ditch about 20 yards below us. We sat down at the base of the oak and I looked right and told Andy “that area there looks like a good place for a gobbler to come into us”. I wasn’t really serious, but stranger things have happened. I got on the slate call and in less than 2 minutes Andy taps me and says “turkey!” Here he came, right where I had predicted. From our right so shooting was impossible. He went behind a large tree and I told Andy “turn on him”. Andy got to one knee and when the gobbler stepped out, Andy let the Browning 10 ga. bark. He rolled that bird stone cold dead at 30 yards. We laughed, high fived, hugged, and just shared a hunting memory that two great friends only have happen a hand full of times in a lifetime. Final stats on the bird. 23#, 10” beard, and 7/8” spurs. Just a good solid bird. Perfect fan and a lot of color.

    I’ve personally killed a bunch of birds and I’ve had a blast doing it. But honestly, none of mine have given me the joy that I got from calling in this bird to my friend to help him end a long drought. Bird or no bird for me this season and my season has been a complete success. Congrats to you buddy!:coolgleam



  2. Good stuff, Derek. Awesome story, good bird.

  3. You're a good friend Derek! Congrats to Andy and you on a GREAT hunt and outstanding story.
  4. Way to stick with it, just when you are ready to give up.... That will make your season, right there.
  5. Great story Derek and what a great hunt! Way to stick with it guys!!!
  6. Awesome! Tell Andy I said congrats on a great bird!

    Not too many feelings in the world match the one you have in the picture above. Especially after a long drought. Great job!
  7. great story and great bird. :bowdown:
  8. thats awesome derek!!! congrats to both of you!!
    Great story too...
    now go get yourself a gobbler!!!

    (and then help me find one)
  9. Thats awesome Derek, congrats to both of you! Thats what its all about right there.
  10. Cool Story.... I know i can speek for most of us here, thats what it is all about..... Congats to Andy! Thanks for an awsome story.....
  11. Very nice...that picture is worth a thousand words and then some!
  12. I seem to be like Andy... the bad luck...!!! Maybe it's all about to change.

    Good Story...
  14. Nice Dec you good friend 410 could use a little help and a place to kill a bird too.
  15. My good deeds have run dry. Time for me to focus on a bird for myself.:biggrin: Sorry boys, but it is time to get greedy.

    But after I knock one down, I'm sure an offer or two might be extended to the needy.:biggrin: