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My dove season

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by birdhunt1, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Unfortunately my dove season is over, since I live in Michigan. I got to hunt with my friends near Liberty the 1st-3rd. We managed to take home just over 70, not great, but we had a great time. Also was able to take my first goose ever from one of his neighbor's ponds. Despite the weather, the trips have gotten better each year. A big thank you goes out to my friend Russell Bothast, his dad Boyd Bothast, and Rick Frame of Frame's Outdoors in Liberty, In who gave us a great deal on a MojoDove. I'll be headed back for quail in November.
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  2. The mojo won't pull in a dove from miles out, but it seemed to make the undecided ones take a closer look, and maybe get a little slower and lower. I'm getting another one for next year!
  3. Last Sunday I had them locking on from 100 or more yards out and coming right into the yard I was hunting. They would try to land on it. Hovering 20' in front of me 3' off the ground. Take the goose decoys out and put the mojo in this pic. I had the grass covered with feathers, but it made for easy dog work :lol:

  4. We did have a couple make a safe landing at the mojo when we weren't paying attention. The didn't make a safe escape. Can't wait for the quail!