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My fall bird

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DEC, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Last night I finally got the monkey off my back and connected with a turkey using archery equipment. I've shot a bunch of birds over the years with a shot gun, but have struggled with a bow. I've missed and I've wounded. Last night it all came together, finally.

    I pulled into my turkey honey hole to see 7 gobblers standing in the lane. They immediately ran into deep timber. I figured my hunt was over before it had began, but I grabbed my bow in hopes there were more birds from where these gobblers had come from. I settled down in some tall grass along a ditch bank with plenty of cover. I had only been there 2 minutes when I see a hen pop her head over a hill. She was followed by 4 more hens. I made up my mind that if the hens came in, I was going to go for it. Sure enough, I was right were she wanted to be and the hens walked right to me. I drew the bow in my grassy cover, took aim, and let an arrow fly. She was 10 yards from me, perfect hit right to the wing butt. She flopped and I scrambled up the side of the ditch to hold her down.

    Not the biggest bird and not the tom I would have liked, but I'll take it for my first bow kill turkey. Now to get a tom with the bow in the spring.


  2. Congrats DEC! Seeing more and more turkeys in my hunting area that didn't have any three years ago. Maybe next year I will give them a try with the bow....looks fun.

  3. Nice job on the hen, Dec. Way to keep sticking with it. I'm looking forward to the day my area finally gets a few birds, I hunt in a turkey-free zone I'm afraid.
  4. great job dec. i've already tried a couple times to draw back and get picked off every time in my tree stand.
  5. Nice work, DEC. I'm still tryin' to get a glimpse of one in my deer woods, but so far, they have been uncooperative.
  6. Congrats, quite an accomplishment!
  7. Great Great big congrats! You should be very proud. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    I got my bow kill a few years ago. After I quit hooping and hollering, I walked long and slow down the road to the farmers house. I wanted as many folks as possible to see that bird.
  8. Blue Shirt?

  9. Now Turkey Dancer, don't give up. I'm in that same area as you are and remember what the wise ones on here say........they've always been out there you just gotta know how to hunt em'.
  10. To be fair, I did see a turkey in Whitley Co. (just inside of) about 2 months ago.
    I hunt in Noble, and have seen 6-8 of them up there about 8 miles from my actual hunting area. The hope is there, I'm sure in time the numbers will increase. If I had to make a choice, I'd much rather see a boom in pheasant and quail numbers than turkey...I know...they're there....just need to know how to hunt them :bonk: .
    I am however very concerned with the number of deer in our herd that seem to be turning white, one of these pigmently-challenged deer just showed up about 2 miles from my hunting area. You can get one of them easy enough as well...if you do your homework.
  11. If you come over Saturday, we'll talk quail and pheasants.
  12. I left straight from my office to go turkey hunting. Just throw on cover pants and jacket and go.

    I had the jacket zipped up for the hunting part. Just unzipped it when I got done.
  13. Congrats DEC! Way to go on the bow kill.