My first fathers day

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  1. As if being a father wasn't enough of a reward...

    Yesterday Best Buy was kind enough to give me a brand new tv (pic below)

    Today my family had a lil shindig to celebrate 5 generations of first born males on my dad's side of the family still alive and causing problems.

    My wife got me the gift of a day small mouth fishing on the st. joe with my father and a certain well known (topless) small mouth fisherman.

    Then this afternoon I had inherited a bow. My Uncle died a couple years ago, we were absurdly close. When he died he gave one of his brothers his bow...well now that bow is mine. I nearly cried when I found out. I don't know what kind of bow it is (My uncle was serious though, it'll be a couple years old but it won't be a slouch) and I don't care. If his bow fits me decent my bow will be in the closet opening day. I'm taking my Uncle Eli's bow out and god willing I'm taking a deer with it. I want to take one and then I'll hang it up in my room. What better remind of great man could I ask for than his bow?

    All of this and I have a little hunting and fishing buddy in training. Congrats to all the other dads :bowdown:. I hope all of you had a great time with your families!!!

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  2. awesome jones...really man...thats great.

    couldn't be happier for ya...

  3. Congrats Jonesy!!!!!!!!! Looks like you did ok today!;)
  4. says the guy with the brand new switchback :woohoo1::woohoo1:
  5. Congrats Jonesy....what a day!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you opening day with that bow! What a great story!

    TV's not too shabby either! ;)