My first Ice mess

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by anon782010, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. No, I know it isnt really much of a mess, but it works for me. Smallest gill was over 7 inches. Just good fish for only bein out under two hours.

    Every one of em on a marmooska jig with red spikes. (Thanks JL!!)


  2. Nice mess, Trevor Mudstone!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Nice job on the fish there.

    I conducted a scientific experiment with a mess of fish tonight. I established the wind direction from my stove top. If the wind was out of the east as the fish fried, I knew 410 would show up for dinner. Wind must have come from the west....sorry Tuck, you're loss.
  4. Yer not gonna eat them there Bass are ya Tony"???
  5. I got no problem eating bass...make all the fun you want...I'm frying those bad boys as we speak...mmmm mmm mmm fish sandwich....:corkysm55
  6. Tony Mudhole on ice? Wow, I remember him praying for open water just two days ago. Marmooska's are the way to go.Nice fish Tony!
  7. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    Private or public water?? Bass look a little short.
  8. Private...and both were 14 on the nose
  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My little boy is growing up!!!!!!!!! Nice gill bro!
  10. atta boy marshal
    leave some of em for this summer man...dang
  11. Great fish - time to go get some more! :idea: :)
  12. Went out today for a little under two hours. Pulled 8 more, smallest 7.5 inches, 2 more right at 9, no pics though, dropped em off for grandpa.
  13. We can discuss your basement project if you send some of those slabs my way! ;)