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My First Turkey

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Gunfighter45, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. WoooHooo! After being Skunked for 5 years i finnaly got 1.......
    Opening day was a bust for me, so i was going out day 2, never give up.
    This was the only day my wife and I had off together, and she really did not want me going. So i asked her to come with... I told her i would only be out 1/2 the day. She said sure, if that is the only way i will get a chance to spend some time w/ you. So we headed out at 6am. I brought the blind and 2 chairs...... She had to carrie her load.....LOL.
    Yesterday I the only thing i could get to answer my calls were geese. Today i had 4 gobblers talking w/ me, but none would come in to them. At aprox 9am i had one calling real close by, maybe 75 yards. We were talking together for about 20 mins, then he dissapeared. Man was i getting frusterated! about 10 mins later i looked out the left window of my blind and saw a Gobbler and a hen. They were playing.... it was cool.
    I called to try and get them to come close but they ignored all my calls.
    I tell ya if that does not make you madd nothing will. So i had a bright idea to low crawl in the mudd close enough to get a shot. I open the blind and hit the ground, as i crawled my wife called them. That damn bird looked right at me, so i had her stop calling. I crawled into about 50 yards and took the shot. I was a bit low but i got him anyway. :bouncy:

    "Yelpers Of Death"

    P.S. I'll Check in w/ official score as soon as i get it.
  2. Great story, thanks for sharing. Congratulations!

  3. Ballsy move, Gunfighter! Glad it panned out for you!
  4. Congrats on a fine bird and great story...
  5. Sometimes you just have to go all stealth mode and put the aggressive sneak attack on them. Been there, done that. Takem' any way you can gettem' I say.:biggrin:

    Congrats on a fine bird!:coolgleam
  6. Great to hear Gunfighter.........congrats on the bird.
  7. Nice job!! Took some guts to go after him, made you smile though. Nice bird, I am still in the ranks of birdless. Hats off to you.
  8. Nice bird Gunfighter. Looks like that sucker has a nice beard
  9. atta boy gunfighter!!!

    way to get all stealth ninja on the gobblers!!

    how the heck did you get your wife out there with ya?!?!? thats an admirable accomplishment as well :bowdown:
  10. Congrats on a hard won bird GF45.

  11. congrats gotta do what you gotta do