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My girls have to go!!!

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Jrbhunter, May 8, 2007.

  1. This hurts!

    I have to sell my two beagles. If anyone is interested, or knows someone that is, please help me move my two female beagles to a new home as soon as possible! I purchased these dogs from a breeder in Northwest Indiana two years ago, Bryan Pucka with Rockbottom Kennels.

    These dogs are well bred and have taken to training very well. They have great attitudes and drive. Being young, they need time with an older dog but they are currently jumping and running their own rabbits. They had dozens of rabbits killed over them this winter!

    "The girls", as I call them, were raised inside for the first six months so obedience was tuaght early. They do not run deer or other trash- they're solid dogs with good potential.

    Their bloodlines are NKC registered Jordi Diango and Big Country's Dark Angel. They are twin sisters with two unique styles of hunting. They work very well together- I'd like to sell them as a team if possible.
    Asking $350 each or $600 together.


    Call or write if interested; I'm hoping to find them a home soon so please use the info below to contact me immediately. Thanks!

    Jason- 812-267-7457
  2. Good look'n girls, I wish I could. I'll talk to a good friend of mine.

  3. That is an awesome team of ladies JRB...i really wish I could also...
  4. Let Me Talk To My Dad He Is Down To 1 Older Dog , He Very Well May Be Interested , I Will Let You Know!!!!!
  5. Nice looking beagles
  6. Price reduced... 300 a piece or $500 for the pair.

    I've got to get moving (literally) so these dogs, boats, bikes and trucks have to go. Nowhere to keep them in town!!!!

    Tell a friend; Thanks