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My "New" bow and setup ;)

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Well, I have been watching the Bear Instinct that Kodiak50 has had for sale on another forum. Earlier this week, I went and purchased the bow and the Toad Bow Press he was selling. After a few tweaks and another arrow rest (no offense Kodiak50, I just don't like Trophy Takers), I got the bow set up and shot TWO ARROWS! Placing the second of the two arrows RIGHT SMACK into the back of the first arrow shot!
    I guess I haven't forgotten how to set a bow up ;) (If you notice as well, the rear arrow is a messed up arrow, it was fletched at the WRONG end!)
    I've shot a few more arrows through it. I'll tell ya guys, Bear Archery is on to something! This bow is FAST, QUIET and vibration FREE! I'm VERY Impressed!
    Here's a pic for ya!
  2. Robin Hood, My dad did the same thing one time a a night shoot. Good shot!

  3. dangit fuzz
    now you gotta buy new arrows haha
  4. Those arrows are the first two arrows I shoot through every bow I set up. Which has been a BUNCH OF BOWS! I usually use a 5 spot target on the target bows I set up for people to refrain from this. Whoathunkit that this bow would have!

  5. Whoa baby!!!!!! What you gonna be doin in a couple weeks????? Your gonna need a couple targets, or else a couple dozen arrows!lol .... I wondered about those new Bears.
  6. CrookedLake, I would HIGHLY recommend trying one out.

  7. A new bow is in my very near future...... I've shot the Big "2" latest and greatest(hoyt and mathews), but so far I like the Bowtech Tribute the best. Might have to give the Bear a chance......... unless I get a little better with one of my Wings. Then I'll try traditional this year.
  8. I guess you like your new bow, Huh? ......LOL
    Ive heard good things about bears new line. Congrats and enjoy!
  9. thats hard on the gold tips
  10. Nice bow. Got to love Fred Bear bows. Own one myself. You are now part of the Bear Team. hahaha. Great looking bow! Have you had a chance to see their 2007 bow? The bow is Fred Bear "The Truth". Nice lookin bow as well.
  11. So does this mean the Trykon is back up for sale Fuzzy... ;)

    You are a "bow whore" .... :)
  12. crooked... Dont look for a reason to do traditional. You have to commit man. I gaurantee if you put the wheels away for two months straight and just shoot the recurve youll improve ten fold. How hard is it to pick up the compound and learn to shoot it again? You can do it in fifteen minutes if it gets right down to the last second and you still arent confident enough. Save your money learn to shoot the recurve and get yourself a really nice custom made recurve with that money you were going to spend on a wheelie bow.
  13. tinyt, yes, I seen and shot "The Truth" I didn't care for it near as well as the Instinct. In fact, I shot all of thier new bows at Bass Pro a few weeks back.

    NO NO NO Stallion!

    I'm not a bow whore....."I's a pimpin' da bowz"

    Fuzzy Bow Pimp
  14. Bear has definitely rebounded the last two years. I shot a Truth a few weeks ago and was impressed. A good line up for the money.:coolgleam
  15. fuzzy do you have any nappy headed bows??