My new SMI smokeless muzzleloader...

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  1. I picked it up on Friday. I am very happy with the fit and finish of this gun. The barrel is a 26" 1:36 twist fluted bull barrel. It currently has a 3x9x40 Zeiss Conquest with Warne rings and Weaver bases... I will put a Simms recoil pad on it and she will be complete....


  2. very beautiful gun IH. hope you score well withe her this yr.

  3. Looks like a very nice gun. Good luck with it. I shoot a T/C Black Diamond and I am very happy with it. A couple of my friends ask why I didn't get a new one and I told him I only use it once a year and this one work great up to 200 yards
  4. Sweet lookin' piece.....What caliber?
  5. .50 cal using smokeless powder and 275 barnes XPB's and it should be 1" or less at 100 yards....
  6. BE AWARE: the Longhunter Society will not accept an entry into their record book that was taken with smokeless powder, even though the gun is a muzzleloader.
  7. Rowdy


    Cool looking rifle....Where is the ram rod on that thing???
  8. I use a break-down rod and keep it in my pack....
  9. Is there a web site for em? I gotta have one.
  10. That baby is bad a#$! Do you mind if I ask how much you have in it?