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My new "Throne" ;)

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I WISH!!!!! I'd never leave it!
    [​IMG] <<SEE THE BEER & Kegerator?
    SINGAPORE, Feb 7 (Reuters Life!) - Think you deserve a throne? A U.S. plumbing firm has created a luxury toilet equipped with laptop computer and flat-screen TV which it plans to give away in an online sweepstake.

    Ohio-based Roto-Rooter says its "Pimped Out John" is designed to "fulfill all your wildest bathroom dreams." Special features include an iPod music player and speakers, an
    Xbox video game console, a refrigerator / kegerator filled with drinks and snacks and a cycling exercise machine.

    "The bathroom is the perfect place for your very own throne. It shouldn't always be regarded as the room of last resort," said Steven Pollyea, Roto-Rooter vice president of marketing, in a press release emailed to Reuters.

    "The average person spends 11,862 hours in the bathroom, which equals one year, four months and five days in a lifetime... a toilet should be the most wonderful location in your home."

    Roto-Rooter spokesman Paul Abrams said the firm spent about $5,000 on parts and components to customize the toilet.

    Any resident of the United States could win this "gleaming monument to personal convenience" by entering the sweepstake at before April 2.

    You might never want to leave your bathroom again.
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  2. Whoa!...I thought this was a joke when I first looked at it. That is a joke!!

  3. I could take a *&%$ there for sure:evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  4. Does it come in any other color than green?
  5. you could put a keg-o-rator under the laptop arm and just have the tap right there for ya...thats what i'd do...
    how about a grill? what if i want steak while i make a duece??
  6. GUYS!!! Look in the back right corner, there's a KEGERATOR there!!! With a beer in a glass setting on it!

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  7. good call fuzzy!!!
    didnt evne notice till you said something

    Fightin irish country huh??? where you from fuzz??
    I love notre dame
  8. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    If that comes in camo, I know where my tax return is going.
  9. I see it now...... How do I get that on the ice with me????? Or up in the tree???????? Bombs away lads.
  10. I bought that model 2 months ago.
  11. It's even got a little fridge where you can keep beee....soda! Thats from Tommy Boy for those who didnt know.