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My New Toy

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Gunfighter45, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. WooooHoooo! I got my New Bow today!!!!
    Martin "ShadowCat SE".........:biggrin:

  2. Nice lookin' bow!

  3. Happy for ya 45............sure looks nice
  4. congrats gunfighter!!!

    thats a great feeling isn't it?

    good looking bow
  5. Looks like it could hurt something...
  6. I thought that was a Martin, very nice!!!.....I'm a member of the Martin Club too...Martin Jaguar. Enjoy!!!
  7. Nice looking bow!!! Might want to take the tag off before ya shoot. Very NICE!!
  8. LOL..... Yea i will take the tag off. It still needs a few things befor i soot it.
    Thanks guys its been a long time since i got anything new to play w/ for hunting.
  9. Very nice. Congrats, it is always fun to get a new bow.:coolgleam
  10. You will enjoy it. Let 'em fly!:)
  11. Nice bow Gunfighter45? Looks compact and light, whisker biscuit too! You'll enjoy hunting with that.
  12. I just got my new Martin Cheetah two weeks ago. It's a much more precision piece than my 20 year old Pearson wheelie.

    Congrats gunfighter
  13. Nice bow!!!!!!! It's new and it's yours! Can't get much better than that...... until you tag one with it that is..........
  14. I'll be dialing in the site this weekend..... I'll let everyone know how it shoots.
    It is 31.75 axel to axel, much shorter than my old Bear "WhiteTail II EL". I went into the shop looking at "Diamonds", and came out w/ one hell of a deal.
    I realy was not looking to buy this month, just reserching, but can't pass up a great deal! Got it for almost 1/2 the original price, and it was brand new never shot!!!! The only thing that will make this an Awsome year is if I tag a deer with it!

    Thanks again Guys!