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My new wetlands!

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by seabee, May 8, 2007.

  1. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Here is the Deal, after growing up in the country it was a hard transition for me to move to the city, but i had to in search of work. I have been in Indy for about 6 years now and hard work has finally paid off. The whole time i have been here the thing i miss most is not seeing the nature on my way to and from work, Well, we were very fortunate to buy 3.5 acres and build a home in the suburbs. I have not seen a deer within 10 miles of where i live, but i do see lots of waterfowl flying over. Needing some backfill for my final grade i decided to dig out some dirt in a low spot in my back yard in hopes of water filling it up and having ducks hang out there. Well saturday i finally was able to rent a loader and dug a hole in hopes we get some rain to start my wetlands project, Today the weather cut loose and it didnt take long for the water to completely fill my hole. Not 30 minutes after it started raining my wife said "you aint gonna believe this" there was a duck that had already flown in to take a gander at the new wetland. We were so excited, i plan to make the wetland larger in the future if i can find a way to get rid of the extra dirt. this was more less just a test plot, and it worked. It was so nice after the rain stopped, we just sat there and listend to the birds chirp, and watched that little duck play in the water, finally what we always wanted! our little piece of heaven.[/IMG
    If you look close in the pic where it is raining, you can see a black spot on the far side and to the left of the pond, that was the duck as it was just entering the pond for the first time.

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  2. congrats seabee

    thats a great story...heck while you're at it how bout making that wetland a pond and put some fish in it? it looks like you've got some room to expand. lake seabee...has a nice ring to it

    as for the dirt...your neighbors wont notice it in their front yards

  3. awesome cb...just need some prarie grass, some wheat, and some cattails...haha
  4. Very cool, Bill!
  5. Real nice cb, and you never know what you may come up with next. Way to go Bill
  6. Very cool CB.:coolgleam
  7. You will enjoy the frogs chirping at night within a month. One of my favorite sounds when going to bed.
  8. Good idea CB, your own little bit of country.
    They're building up everywhere around me and taking up the country thats left.
  9. If ya can't be in the country bring the country to you. Very cool!!