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my on and off road ride

Discussion in '4 Wheeling - ATV's' started by TONGA, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. this is a pic of my off road ride,,,how about a some pics of yours?


  2. Looks like fun Tonga. Always wanted one of those rigs for just bobbing around on a nice day. Skeeter
  3. you should pick one up Skeeter if you keep them pretty close to stock they are very dependable,good on gas and you would be amazed what one of these will go through.
    They are also fun to cruise around on road in the summer,,kind of like a little convertible.
    Also they are a very cheep toy!!
  4. It's a Jeep thing...

    Well, here USED to be my off-roader (AND on-roader!), conned into selling it last year. I understood, but my wife didn't.:16suspect Seems Jeep is a 4 letter word at my house.

    This was my 5th CJ, so SOMEDAY I am sure I will get another one....:evilsmile :cheeky-sm

  5. that is one fine looking ride HunterEd,,must have hurt to let her go
  6. Here is one of mine.

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  7. my fishing car. bought it on Ebay:)
  8. Them XJ's are one mean ride! It's is amazing what they will do with a 3" lift under them and the flex is unreal. Does yours have the the Dana 35 rear axle or the Chrysler 8.25? The 8.25 is the heavy duty one and will hold up very well. you can tell the difference by looking at the differential, the 8.25 has a flat spotacross the bottom and the dana 35 is rounded on the bottom (no flat spot at all). It might not mean anything to you but I figuered I would offer that info up just in case you ever decided to turn it into the off road beast it really is (with a little modifications) :biggrin: . If you ever start reading some of the jeep websites and see what they do, you will want to start building yours. I had mine for a month before I lifted it.
    Anyways, I like your ride, I think the two doors are the best lookin ones fixed up.
  9. This was the day after I put the lift on and the picture above was the following weekend. :evilsmile

  10. I just picked up my first 4x4 two days ago! Its an 04 S10 Crew Cab with the famous 4.3 v6 and the Zr5 package!! Finally I have a vehicle that can travel off of the beaten path a little...
  11. JEEP the one and only. I have a '99 Wrangler that i've taken places i would of never gotten any of my 4x4 trucks.