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My Son's First Deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by evansl4x4, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. My son has been sitting in the blind with me since he was 4, and has been sitting in a tree with me since he was 6. He told me before last season he wanted to hunt himself (8 yrs old) but I did not think he was ready yet So I bought him a crossbow this spring and started practicing in the yard. He shot pretty well so I purchased an apprentice license for this year. He is now 9 so I figured this would give him 3 years of experience with me before he takes the Hunters Ed Course.The Youth Season was pretty slow with the warm weather and we only got out twice. I also got him out once the first week of season but have been too busy since then with work. I finally had the opportunity to take him out Friday night and it paid off. We got in the blind about 4 and hadn't seen anything until 6:05. This buck came out from behind us, which I wasn't expecting, but gave me the opportunity to get the shooting sticks and the crossbow ready from the opposite corner of the blind. The buck worked his way around to the window we were set up in but was on alert as he heard the commotion in the blind. Wyatt said he was on him and asked which dot to use on the scope. I told him which one and to squeeze the trigger when he was ready. I could tell the buck was about ready to bolt and right as I seen him start to drop Wyatt released his bolt and hit the mark. I think it would have been a great double lung shot but because the buck was dropping to bolt he ended up shooting him just under the spine and dropped him in his tracks. Had he waited a second longer the arrow would have sailed over the deer. As soon as the buck hit the dirt I grabbed my son and gave him a bear hug. I asked if he was excited but he said I was freaking him out because I was too excited LOL!
  2. That's awesome! Contrats to your son and to you for getting him out there to successfully tag a buck! Glad you were able to get the pics figured out as well!

  3. Being there to share their first deer and the like are memories you will never forget. Congrats to you both!
  4. Thanks guys! It was a great day we won't forget.
  5. congrats on the nice buck! good job to dad too.