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My take on the OBR

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bowaddict, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. I would like to explain , without using charts, numbers or graph's, my take on why , according to some, there are more mature bucks being taken.

    It is not because less bucks are being harvested, as that is not the case. I believe it has been because the rule has made us more aware of the bucks age. Also the increase in emphasis on antler size as a way to "judge" a hunters ability.
  2. A hunter's abilities shouldn't be judged solely upon the size of a deer they shoot. I consider myself a good hunter, though I have never taken a book buck. I think that we all know plenty of guys who go out on opening morning of shotgun season (and that's the only day they'll hunt) and drop a monster with their 4th shot out of the slug gun that they didn't sight in this year because they didn't have time. Are they better hunters than me, maybe, but not likely. Like I said, I haven't taken a book buck, but I've taken six in the last eight years with spreads over 17 inches. I consistently shoot good deer for the area that I hunt (very heavily pressured).

  3. Put me in Coach!!!!

    that's cause you're a popular guy Coach, and everyone wants to be near you at all times!!!!!:bonk:
  4. Not on some of the other threads they don't!
  5. Hey I speak my mind, all be it a feeble one. These are just my opinions, I do not try to instigate or aggravate anyone, just voice my views.

    James your right, I consider myself a decent hunter, you can't judge a hunters ability by the size of antlers they take. Some guys do not have the genetics in there area, some guys don't have the time to spend on waiting for MR. Big Buck, some guys just want to put some meat in the freezer.

    To each his own I say, as long as you follow the rules

    Oh yeah and Dean I don't make a good "coach", I expect too much from my players LOL
  6. Good post, bowaddict.
  7. You have to wonder WHY the additional buck was taken away from archery can clearly see that some outdoors writers understand.....

    ""It's not necessary to close the hunting during the rut. Archers still don't kill many bucks, even during the rut. (See: Iowa). I AM a firearms hunter too, so everyone who reads this and is a gun hunter only, know that I am a shotgun and muzzleloader hunter too.""

    So if archery hunters don't kill "that many" bucks (due to the limited ability of their weapons) is taking that opportunity away going to help anything?
  8. We can fight this for years. There is a lot of good points on both sides. I know hunters that only have one or two weekends to hunt. And they shot everything. I know hunters that love or need the meat. And they shot everything. Like James said and me to, there is not many deer in my area that and record bucks, but there is bucks that are around the 16" to 17" in my area. Question: Do I let them pass or do I shoot one. Well quess what BANG that's all I need is one shot. I do pass on a lot of deer, spikes, 4 pointers, 6 points, small 8 pointers and yes enough basketball size 10's. I do see some of the bucks each year and yes some get larger and some don't. This is what I do and I love to see the deer and WOW it's great to see any deer when you are setting out in the cold, snow, rain and yes the nice days. YES I am still for the OBR.
  9. So many opinions on the same topics.

    Ever go to an art gallery? Did you like everything you saw hanging on the wall?
    Of course not, it's subjective. Our goals and values are all different, doesn't make any of us wrong.
  10. Camby, who in their right mind said that a bowhunters ability of taking a buck has been taken away??? Unreal.....

    Let's try this again, O.K.?? Having 90 some thousand bowhunters in the woods during the rut will allow many, many,many,many more bucks to survive from season to season. (See: Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas). Can you give me a "logical" reason why all these neighboring states are producing dozens of Boone and Crockett bucks compared to us????? I, and many other people on here, are all ears!!!!!
    In as little as a few years the numbers of mature bucks would increase to the point where the gun hunters (who are only gunhunters) would have ample opportunities at bucks...OUTSIDE of the rut...When they're unarguably the most vulnerable to hunting. Is this really that hard to comprehend?????

    When you say stuff about "Such and such Outdoor Writer..." Know that it just cracks me up, man!!! You kill me with that stuff. I love it!!!!!

    Bowaddict, I was referring to James Lyon(s) with the Coach remark. He's actually a basketball coach here in NE Indiana.
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  11. 10-4 on what you are saying James about the size of the rack not meaning much about the skills of the hunter. Here is some food for thought:

    I have measured 6 Boone & Crockett bucks from this season and 3 of them were the hunters first antlered deer! makes me smile and cry all at the same time, hope they know what they shot and appreciate it!
  12. Taking us all out of the rut only is for the minority special interest club,and then when do we place and fit in the 3 seasons,and making the gun season shorter hurts the hunter that can just hunt on weekends.Not me,i hunt every day till i get lucky,but not many can take off work 2 weeks,its always really quiet monday -friday.I want more big buck yes,but i dont compete with other states.
  13. How about this....
    If we do take hunters out of the rut... and certain organizations get wind of this then bam they will want more time for us to be out of the woods. Dont add fuel to a fire that warms the grass stained hands of anti's. But on that note i believe the gun season should be shortened and moved. I gun hunt, but very limited amounts of it. For two reasons.
    1.) anybody can pull a trigger at the rustling of leaves... In the primary area i hunt there are people in the woods that dont belong behind the wheel of a car let along behind the barrel of a loaded shotgun. That scares me...
    2.) I like the quiet woods, watching undisturbed deer on their terms. Weekend joes dont do that.

    If the gun season was shorter and moved to colder weather, you might see a decline in the "scary" people and an increase in those that really respect what they are doing. That is appealing to me. Alright y'all can call me selfish now if you want. Thats fine but dont act like you dont want to see bigger deer and fewer people slinging lead pumpkins all over the woods, especially when you hear gun shots before you can see your hand in front of your face.
  14. Reloader, thats the response I have been waiting for right there. You guys are not willing to take away your easy way of getting these big mature bucks and start working for them like us early season bow hunters and late season bow and muzzleloaders have to. Yep thats just the response I would figure to get from a gun hunter. Stopping hunting seasons during the rut will definately work, much better then the OBR, proven over and over again by other states that have realized how damaging a hunting season during the rut is.

    Why else do you see first timers, kids and novice hunters get these big bucks? well its because they are love struck and running out in the open in the middle of the day, you wouldn't catch them in this compromising postion if it was not for the rut. Lets be honest and call it like it is.

    As for shortneing a season? thats crazy, theres no reason it can not be done and not shorten any season, or do people that only hunt weekends only have weekends off in November?????
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  15. I pesonally dont know any hunter that wants the hunt taken out of the rut,besides on here,and is it really necessary to change? OBR i believe in,it seams to be changing things.I know moving the gun season would save those big ones,ive been out there for 30 years trapping/hunting,And i dont see it that much easier to bag a big buck just because of the rut,ive always had to work at it,i hunted the big one i got this season for 3 previous years,he was smart as most are,after i saw him,I started to stalk him,lost him,2 hours later found him a 3/4 mile from where i started,i just got lucky on guessing where he went,THAT rarely works out.Yes some hunters get way too lucky,but not everyone .I hunted another BIG B&C buck in Rush county for 4 years,during the rut he didnt get stupid,but he didnt know to stay away from a car ,just hunters,he was wasted in a ditch.Change the season and we'll see B&C entries go down at first,but i'll just throw away any tree stand i have cause i'll have to stalk the big ones,but i did stalk this years buck anyway,and was very happy i didnt ambush it from 15 feet up ,which was worthy of a noble animal,more on a even playing field.Its not easy to be on the ground as you know,its most possible if your physically fit and know your deer.-Compromising for a 1st timer / young hunter to get a big one?come on ,that may spoil them,but they will find out it cant be done every year.OBR is working just fine for now,and im not in competition with other states ,its about HUNTING period,theres trophy hunters,then every one else.Lets not make it special interest hunting just to satisfy B&C seekers only,they are out there ,just got to hunt and find them,ive always seen big bucks since i was a kid setting a trapline,OBR will make more.I know what Dean says is fact,i agree with what he writes about what will make MANY more B&C bucks ,i just like the season where it is though.
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