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My Turkey Story

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by JL, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. I wanted to get some opinions about the turkey I shot last year, so if you have time, read my story and post a reply.

    Last year I set up on a spot that had produced a nice tom the year before. It was on top of a ridge that the birds climb to make their evening fly-up a little shorter. Towards sunset, a big tom and about six hens started moving toward me up the ridge. The tom was really showing off for his harem. Well, like the year before, the hens flew up first, and the tom was still on the ground. I knew some soft calling should bring him in to my decoys. I yelped very soft twice to get his attention, and then I shut up. Sure enough, he started strutting in to my decoys. He was at about twenty-five yards and still strutting. I was waiting for him to close the ten yards to my decoys for a perfect shot...BUT! At twenty-five yards, he came out of strut, tucked his feathers, and began to fly up to his roost. I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself, "no you don't." When he was about twenty feet off the ground, I dropped him out of the air with a single shot. He never made it to his limb. I have never heard of anyone doing this before and my question is, what do you think about the ethics of a shot like this? I would never shoot one out of its roost, but I felt like I did everything I needed to...I called him in to within twenty-five yards and didn't shoot only because I wanted a closer shot. I think I'd do it again if the situation arose, but I'd like some opinions anyway. Thanks for reading, and feel free to post a reply to my question.
  2. I say congrates, not only did you call him in but you shot him on the fly. Its like turkey and geese hunting all in one.:woohoo1:

  3. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    IMHO I believe it was a fair chase shot, being daylight and all that. You were trying to call him in and it was no different than someone shooting a fleeing turkey. I'd say you are a great shot for being able to hit him clean. I have watched a video that shows a guy take a shot at a Tom and he misses and then he unloaded 3 or 4 shots at him as it flew away, he missed those mostly and then he was showered with feathers, I am not sure he got the Tom, but he did make an impression.

  4. I have only Turkey hunted a few times in Indiana and like to hunt in the mountains of W.VA. James I would do the same thing, the Tom Turkey was just headed for the roost and you called him away and when he started to fly up you shoot him. Well all I can say is GREAT SHOOT MAN. When I see a Tom coming to my call my heart gets to beating just like when I see a buck coming at me. Good Job.
  5. no problem

    how did it taste? running flying standing no matter you suceeded!!!!
  6. not a thing wrong with what you did. his foot wasn't resting on no limb. you called him in. i've seen countless shots on tv where the pro's shotem fly'en. congrat's.
  7. I was hunting in Florida with my brother. We were set in palmetos near a creek. A tom snuck up unseen and busted like a 20lb grouse at 20 yards. After we recoverd, we both let loose. Clean miss but I'd do it agian in a hearbeat.
  8. James...I say congrats on a great shot!!! I see nothing unethical about what you did to take this Tom. Sounded like a good job of calling him in and making a great shot to bring him down.
  9. Completely ethical and legal + the added bonus of a heck of a story to tell around the campfire or at the tavern. There are two things that really get my heart racing when afield - bugling elk and loud gobblers!
  10. ONe Fly story, coach!!!!!

    :chicken: I'm not a birdman, but I know someone who is. Anyhow, this story is fantastic..I mean shooting him out of the air and all. No seriously, what really happened??
  11. Still can't see Dean's posts...what's up with that?
  12. i hear he's on vacation and doing gps cororinants an mappings on randy's hunting property while he's at work to share with everybody.
  13. Turkey shoot


    I personally don't have a problem with the way you took this bird. I know of one other situation where a hunter shot a bird in flight. That's the only two that I know of. Congrats!!!
  14. good story

    Not many people I know have killed one on the fly, pretty hard to do! Good shootin' and nice story to boot. Good thing you were prepared and made the split second decision. Sounds ethical to me.

  15. man the toms are out in force. saw 4 diffenent toms strutting with hens this morning. had to stop for a woodcock doing his courtship dance in the middle of the road. i think he was in some kind of trance. watchim for awhile and finally went around him. he was beautiful.