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My wifes first bow.

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Gunfighter45, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Just a pick of my lovely wife and her first bow........... :bouncy: She was jellious of the time I spend shooting, so she said lets buy me a bow! I said OK :yikes: , and we did.............LOL

  2. Very cool, Gunfighter! :coolgleam

  3. awesome, what are the specs on that bad boy?

    The bow, seriously, im talkin about the bow...
  4. Nice to see you bringing a new shooter into the game! I'm sure your wife will enjoy it.

    Here's a photo of my daughter and the bow she got last year. She won't be able to hunt with the bow yet this year, she can't quite draw back 35 pounds yet, but she's getting closer and by time she's ready, her skills will be too.
  5. THAT

    you are an inspiration to us all. She's a looker and you got her shooting the bow...well done my man...well done

    (insert smiley face tipping the cap to gunfighter)
  6. That's awesome....congrats. I am truly envious!
  7. I can't wait to hear the story after she gets that first bow kill...
    I don't think words can describe how proud her poppa is gonna be :coolgleam
  8. Great pic Quail! By the way, on the camo always wear the tops and she the bottoms?:biggrin:
  9. Specs on Bow are: Diamond "Rapture Lite" #40, 24.5 Draw length.
    Its a quiet lil bugger, you can hear mine a mile away compared to that thing.... It's light as a feather, but the speed needs a little more umph!
    Shes been shooting just about a week now, not doing to bad....... :)
  10. Very cool!:coolgleam

    I bought my wife a bow about 3 years ago. She doesn't shoot often, but when she does it is some fun time we get to spend together.
  11. Yeah I love shooting w/ her.........
    Oh by the way! Shes getting pretty good!
    Here is a 20 yard group of hers when im not around to intimidate her....LOL

  12. yeah, so im gonna go ahead and NOT post pictures of my groups........
  13. shes driving tack gunfighter...does she charge for lessons? I thought it'd be a nice wedding gift for marsh haha
  14. LOL....Only problem is shes not consistant!
    She does it if shes by her self, and no one is watching......LOL
  15. Tell your wife NICE SHOOTING, Gunfighter!

    I bet she gets real consistent with a little time, won't matter if you make her nervous any more.

    If it's like my daughter, I have to muzzle myself or I tend to give too much advice. Don't mean to do it, just real hard to stop yourself.