Name, Breed and where your from....

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  1. ;) Hi folks,
    Good way to get this forum going and also to meet everyone.

    Greg Agee
    2 English Pointers
    2 year old female Agee's Spirited Kitrina
    Dam: Linkous Peggie Sue
    Sire: Millers True Spirit

    4 month old male Agee's Guage
    Dam: Nathan Phillips female out of Indiana
    Sire: Millers Dateline

    Huber Heights, Ohio

    Take care and have fun.

    Greg Agee
  2. Hi, Dick from Mi, and I hunt two GSP's. Rudi and Rose.


  3. Good! 'Bout time we have an IN board. Now to get foks interested.

    Got 4 dogs currently -

    1 five year old Brit
    1 one year old Springer Spaniel
    2 six year old beagles

    Hunting the bunnies currently with the beagles of course.

    The Brit has hunted MI for grouse and woodcock and IN for woodcock and pheasant. The Springer just got past her first season of pheasant. Mixed results. We'll get to you on that in the future. ;)

    Well, come on folks, jump right in.
  4. coon hunting fool

    hey guys my name is bobby im 18
    live in indiana
    love two coon hunt
    have 4 walker coon hounds
    home of 4 year old nitech PR' bobby's hard rock stylish bow CHAMPION COONDOG
    home of 2 year old PR' bobby's hard rock stylish mandy
    home of 3 year old PR' bugeyed hank jr
    home of 1 year old PR' bobby's hammering duke
    nice to meet you guys
    good luck with hunting and god bless
  5. Well I know two of the posters from other birddog/hunting forums. Greetings go2epointers (Greg) and rprovines.

    My name is Greg as well.

    I am owned by an almost 8 yr old GSP-Bo. Haven't been out as much as I would like but still have a couple of weeks left.

    Look forward to more discussions on Hoosier upland hunting, habitats, dogs, etc.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Me and the girls with a limit of IN woodcock. Really this is a test for photo posting after that first on left the link on the post. :confused:

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  8. I'm Bob too, but haven't seen 18 for well... lets just say that coon hunting now takes place after my bedtime! ;) I'm from NE Ohio- hope you guys don't mind a little border jumping.

    I have 4 Beagley critters. Two females, supposed to be purebred. One Beagle/ Parson Russel mix (my best jump dog) and then there is Rascal... Another reportedly purebred dog. He's my separation anxiety special, who by best guess is a Beagle/ Walker cross. He's just over 2 and is learning. But he retrieves!!.

  9. My Dog

    How about a third Greg???

    I'm Greg Myers and I live in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. However, I grew up in Alexandria, Indiana and have lived in Lebanon and Greenfield before moving to Michigan. I still hunt and fish frequently in Indiana.

    I've got a Brittany named Elliot. I used to have a French Britt named Piper, but I lost her in a recent divorce. You all will get real familiar with Elliot if you post here often, I can't help braggin' about my little buddy ;) , but I like all types of dogs and will never put down another man's dog.

    Here is a recent picture of my buddy at a Put and Take hunt at Pigeo River FWA:

    Hey Rprovines: Did you used to be on (badcast, I think)??? I think I remember talking to you about getting a brittany and trading some Lake James info? It would have been two years ago
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  10. Here I be

    Hello all,

    My name is Jeff and I live in the Northwest corner of Indiana.
    I have 1 dog an English pointer/Weimaraner mix. She is 3 years old and a phenomenal dog. I prefer to hunt upland but also enjoy deer hunting. Many of you that visit both the Michigan site and the Indiana site will know me better as dogn4birdz.

    here is a pic of Team Abby after a good day this fall (if I can get it to load right).

    [​IMG] lets try again[​IMG]

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  11. Here is Mikey. He is a Llewellin. We live in Northwestern Indiana. Looking for safe hunting places to take a good 7 month old dog.[​IMG]
  12. I will have to say this, man those Llewellin's are sharp looking dogs!!!!!
  13. hey guys -

    nice to finally converse with those "of my kind" - birdogs, birgogs, birdogs...

    I live in central Indiana and I have an 2 yr old english pointer ("Apache Warpaint" - my bird machine) and a 5 yr old Brit ("The South's Lady Belle" - my veteran in the bird handling, versatile habitats dog).

    I had the unfortunate experience of losing my oldest friend - a 13 year old Brit mid last year. That was tough. We'd gone all over the midwest chasing everything that flew, and we had one last, awesome memory the fall of '03 - although he could only last around an hour at a time - he made a final, staunch point on a beautiful covey of birds that still flush in my head whenever I pass his grave. His name was "Hank".

    We are all lucky to the have memories these faithful friends leave us...
  14. Hello guys. Glad the site is up and running.
    My name is Mike. I am from north of Detroit
    1 dog, vizsla named Tecumseh, aka Onpoint's Wild Dare
    He is nearly 9 months old
    I will post some pics over the next week.