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need 308 feedback

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by j-bird, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. I am looking for some feedback as i am considering buying a new 308. My budget has me currently limited to three candidates. All a blued finish, synthetic stock, 22" barrel, topped with 3-9X40 Vortex scopes. The Mossberg and Savage are nearly the same price, while the Ruger is $100+ above the others. I'm looking for a "tree beater" to be used on yotes and deer.

    Ruger - American Rifle
    Mossberg - Patriot Rifle
    Savage - Axis

  2. Either a Ruger Model 77 Hawkeye or Model 550 CZ, but not the Ruger American. Equip it with a Leupold 3-9 X 40 m/m scope.
  3. Well.
    Those are great choices but not what he listed as options for him.
  4. Last fall,I bought a Ruger American in 308 with a Vortex Crossfire scope combo from Rural King for around $480ish.
    I debated for a couple YEARS,and handled a bunch of different rifles,LOL!
    While it is not a $1000+ work of art, it feels great in my hands. Recoil is not bad, ammo is readily available, it is LOUD.
    I am by no means an expert marksman,200 yards with a rest is not a problem.
    I LOVE MY RUGER!!!!!!
  5. My 11 yr old daughter has a muddy girl .243 ruger American and a vortex scope as well.
    I have a load for her and of course I sighted it in for her.
    Imagine the looks I got while doing this with her rifle at the range but when o started busting the 10”x10” steel plate at 500 consistently things changed to hey cool gun.
  6. I will look into those other options as well..... What do you have against the Ruger American model? Just curious.
  7. Have you had any issues with the rotary mag? I have read in other places that this is the weak link in the Ruger American gun.....the mags don't feed consistently OR break.
  8. This is one specifically I am looking had any issues with the rotary mag design?
  9. Only one problem with the rotary magazine.
    It just plain didn’t want to feed but I sprayed a bunch of lubricant in it and worked it a bit and now it works flawlessly.
    I’m not exactly sold on these magazines but this one works.
  10. I think it is cheaply constructed, with too much plastic! If one has only $500 to purchase a Deer rifle, then I suggest they buy a used rifle, like a Ruger Model 77 MKII or their compact magnum Hawkeye series rifles. OR find a Winchester model 70 built back in the late 1970's, as these rifles are much better than Rugers' American Models.
  11. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.
  12. Well, in looking at my options and looking at what I would have to spend to get what I wanted/liked. I stretched the budget a bit.....but, I found one I have been really pleased with thus far. I bought a Howa 1500 Gameking in 308 (gun, scope and scope rings package). I really like the Hogue stock. I was not impressed with the composite stocks many of the bargain guns had...and wood added a significant cost. The rubber Hogue gives me a good grip on the gun. It has a nice trigger (adjustable) and recoil pad and I like the scope as well. The IR plex reticle on the scope was a surprise to me, but not something I had to have. I have about 40 rounds thru it so far and it's "close enough" at 3" at 200 yards shooting just from a rest. I really need to put it in a vice and fine tune it, but that will come later. Whole package to my local dealer for $460 + $20 FFL transfer. I think it will be a very practical deer gun for me as well as a yote gun for my boy. I really think my 14 yo daughter could use it if she wanted to as well. It isn't fancy. It isn't pretty. It isn't match grade. It should however do a fine job for what I wanted it for.....hunting and shooting deer and yotes.
    IR 200.jpg
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  13. Hope it shoots good for you.
    I have heard some complaints though on the forend being very flexible.
    There is a way to fix it though.
    You take a dremel tool and grind out a bunch of material and then take some carbon arrows and epoxy/bed them in there.
  14. That is the first I have heard of an issue. I have not noticed any such thing. I have been pleased so far.