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need 308 feedback

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by j-bird, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. I am looking for some feedback as i am considering buying a new 308. My budget has me currently limited to three candidates. All a blued finish, synthetic stock, 22" barrel, topped with 3-9X40 Vortex scopes. The Mossberg and Savage are nearly the same price, while the Ruger is $100+ above the others. I'm looking for a "tree beater" to be used on yotes and deer.

    Ruger - American Rifle
    Mossberg - Patriot Rifle
    Savage - Axis

  2. Either a Ruger Model 77 Hawkeye or Model 550 CZ, but not the Ruger American. Equip it with a Leupold 3-9 X 40 m/m scope.
  3. Well.
    Those are great choices but not what he listed as options for him.
  4. Last fall,I bought a Ruger American in 308 with a Vortex Crossfire scope combo from Rural King for around $480ish.
    I debated for a couple YEARS,and handled a bunch of different rifles,LOL!
    While it is not a $1000+ work of art, it feels great in my hands. Recoil is not bad, ammo is readily available, it is LOUD.
    I am by no means an expert marksman,200 yards with a rest is not a problem.
    I LOVE MY RUGER!!!!!!
  5. My 11 yr old daughter has a muddy girl .243 ruger American and a vortex scope as well.
    I have a load for her and of course I sighted it in for her.
    Imagine the looks I got while doing this with her rifle at the range but when o started busting the 10”x10” steel plate at 500 consistently things changed to hey cool gun.
  6. I will look into those other options as well..... What do you have against the Ruger American model? Just curious.
  7. Have you had any issues with the rotary mag? I have read in other places that this is the weak link in the Ruger American gun.....the mags don't feed consistently OR break.
  8. This is one specifically I am looking had any issues with the rotary mag design?
  9. Only one problem with the rotary magazine.
    It just plain didn’t want to feed but I sprayed a bunch of lubricant in it and worked it a bit and now it works flawlessly.
    I’m not exactly sold on these magazines but this one works.
  10. I think it is cheaply constructed, with too much plastic! If one has only $500 to purchase a Deer rifle, then I suggest they buy a used rifle, like a Ruger Model 77 MKII or their compact magnum Hawkeye series rifles. OR find a Winchester model 70 built back in the late 1970's, as these rifles are much better than Rugers' American Models.
  11. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.