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Need Major Help!!!

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by CollegeRocks!, May 3, 2005.

  1. The wife and I are planning a trip to S.E. Indiana for about a week of fishing.:evilsmile I really want to try out Brookville. Will probably be around May 15-22. I need any and all tips possible for crappie and walleye fishing. :yikes:
    Any thoughts on another lake near Louisville to try out? Needs to be close to an RV park. :help:
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  2. Better take a map along. I believe Brookville is about 35 miles outside of Cincinnati. If you are headed for Louisville, you probably want to fish and camp at Patoka. You can probably reserve a campsite there over the internet at ReserveUSA. Crappie fishing is good (many say great) at Patoka. For more info on that, you should check out the Discussion Boards on I noticed a long thread about the Patoka Crappie. Not sure if they have walleye but I know they have stripers. If, however, you are headed for Brookville, you can camp at either Mounds Park on the southeast end of the lake or Quakertown on the northwest end. Mounds is rolling hills and mostly treeless. Quakertown is mostly flat, a lot of grass, and some trees. Both parks have launch ramps and ample fishing opportunities. For walleye at this time of year I would probably tend to stick to the southern end of the lake. Not sure where you'd go on Patoka. It is a little out of my normal range.

    Good luck. Good camping. Good fishin.

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  3. Another suggestion. You might want to read some of the earlier posts on this site related to B'ville. You can pick up a lot of info there. Also check out the posts on Fishin.'com if you're headed for Patoka.

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  4. would also like to see a report when you get back. :). Its nice to share and receive information.
  5. Brookville Trip

    Yeah I downloaded some lake maps, and we've got plenty of land maps. From what I understand, the south end of Brookville is more productive for walleye and crappie south of the "causeway". I'm not sure which causeway though. :banghead3 I've read that crappie spawn runs really late there (sometime in May)compared to all other lakes around here(the first of April), is that true? Jigs and minnows the best bet for both species?:confused: We might spend 3 days @ Brookville, then run over and try Patoka for 3 days. Any ideas on where to camp there?

    Thanks to all for your help!!!:grouphug:

    P.S. Caught 10 crappie, 3 bluegill, and a 15" largemouth today in a private pit (less than 7 feet), using a chartruese 1/8th oz. Roadrunner and 2" watermelon Powerbait. Biggest crappie was 13"--personal best for me!!!:yikes:
  6. Sounds like a great day of fishing. The lower causeway--you were right to put that into parenthesis, since it appears to be a bridge--is called the Fairfield Road or Fairfield Causeway and is located just north of Mounds State Recreation Area; it splits the upper 2/3 of the lake from the deeper lower 1/3. To tell you the truth I have no idea about the crappie on Brookville, since there are so many fine walleye, white bass and stripers, it is difficult to work up much excitement for crappie on that lake. Others, however, do pursue the crappie. It is my understanding that if you put in at Templeton Ramp (that's inside Mounds Park) or the nearby Garr Hill Ramp, you can boat to the mouth of that inlet and then, being very careful to dodge all the wreckless and inconsiderate d pleasure boaters, you can cross the lake to the Wolf Creek inlet. I think that is a haven for Brookville crappie. If you have a small boat, stay in the Templeton Inlet because there are a lot of stick-ups there that would surely have to hold crappie.
    Anyway, good luck and enjoy your time on the water. Play it safe, and if it is after dark, remember to turn off your headlights on the ramp so others can see to back down.

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  7. Honestly, I have never fished for walleye anywhere but in Canada on our annual family Stag trip in June. As far as stripers and wipers go, I haven't fished for them either. So I'm guessing the popular walleye and bass techniques will work for them? Do you know what the limits are on walleye on either lake?

    Do you have much time on Patoka? Are the same fish there as Brookville (walleye and stripers)? I was there a couple years ago, and struckout fishing for crappie.:bonk: I guess we could make the journey up to Monroe instead of Patoka. We went there last year at this time and stayed @ Paynetown SRA, fished 2 days with limited success--nothing over 12" caught.:mad:
    I've got a 15' Flat Bottom Jon Boat with a '72 Johnson 4 Horse (yes, a 4 horse). My trolling motor prop is almost twice the size of the Johnson's!! I assume that boating traffic can heavy at both lakes. We should be okay with our boat, don't you think?:confused:
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  8. I think I wouldn't go on Patoka, Brookville or Monroe in a 14 foot jon. If, however, you do go, all three lakes have large idle zones and the fishing can be good in those zones. My guess would be that Brookville and Patoka would be the most productive.

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