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Need some info

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by ccavacini, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    We're moving to a new place in late May. Right now we have Comcast for our tv and our internet

    Does anyone have any experience with other providers for tv and internet?

    Dish network
    Direct TV
  2. i have direct tv. they also have high speed internet. i have had the direct tv for yrs. and they have good service. but have not used the internet part.

  3. We have used Mediacom for cable tv, and highspeed internet for 4 years now...get small discount for both services as a package. Service is good. Only think I don't like, is they don't carry the Sportsmans Channel, or the golf Channel.
  4. I Have Dish Tv, They Offer The Outdoor Channel And The Mens Channel Which I Watch Alot. The Only Drawback Is That During Periods Of Heavy Rain, You Loose The Signal. I Think They All Make You Buy More Channels Than You Care To Watch. I Wish You Could Order Just The Channel That You Want To Watch.
  5. We have dish network, and verizon for our internet. THe verizon high speed is awesome and we always have it. Occasionally we will loose our connection but it takes about 20 seconds to get it back again. ITs not bad at all... The dish network is about 65 bucks a month for us but i also pay for the outdoor channel with that so... LIke the other person said it does loose signal when we get a big storm or really high winds. dont know why but we do sometimes. Its rarely for a long period of time and the help center is pretty good too.
  6. I have cable and internet from Insight. You have to add packages to get some of the cable channels (I placed the order, so we have the outdoor stuff and don't get the chick stuff). Also, they really don't give much of a break for purchasing multiple services.
  7. try DSL through at&t in your local area i work there it would help if i had an idea of where you live at&t also has one bill for phone and dish network i'm a repair man for at&t so i'm not trying to sell you this or get credit just would like you to give it a try