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Need Some Input...

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by SpringbrookT.C., Dec 12, 2006.

  1. :chillin: I am going to be buying some new hunting boots for next season. I am tired of my toes freezing. What are some the warmest boots to look at. I am looking into some rubber boots. I need some input from men who have seen some cold mornings from 25 ft off the ground, please help.:chillin:
  2. Some years ago i baught some boots that were well insulated, still had gotten cold feet. Buy some hot hands and stuff em in your wonders.

  3. This may sound odd and I am sure it will bring some laughs,but,sweat as you know is the no.1 enemy in the winter.Your feet sweat walking in and then get cold.I ran acroos a article a no. of years ago addressing this problem.The writer found a way to beat this scenario by applying anti-perspirant to his feet.I have tried it with scent-less hunting stick deoderant and it truly does work.
  4. Now that was the last thing I expected to hear, but I may try it. I use those high dollar socks, first layer moisture wicking etc., and then "smart wool" over that. Ain't been smart enough to get warmer boots. I don't put on my heavier wool socks til I get to my hunting location either. I have tried the toe warmers and battery heated socks, they work but they can be a hassle.
  5. I use the scent free anti perspirant also, use it to knock down the odor of my smelly feet. Never noticed if it helps to keep my feet warmer but it does make sense. I do use the moisture wicking liner and then a heavy wool sock. I have a pair of 800 gram Wolverines that I wear down to around freezing, after that I wear a pair of 1200 gram Cabelas. I found that if I buy them a size bigger than I normaly wear, my feet seem to stay warmer. I think it's because you get better circulation if your feet are not crammed into your boots. Getting ready to invest in a pair of 1200 gram LaCrosse rubber boots also. I do use the toe warmers and they do help, only problem is they do get a little uncomfortable if you have to do a lot of walking.
  6. I use boot blankets...lets me wear lighter boots to and from the stand to keep weight and sweat to a minimum. When it is really cold, thow a warmer in the boot blanket. Tie the booties to your stand or shove them in your pack when you are on the move. I also use a slightly larger boot size... keeps the air circulating and lets the insulated socks do their job. I do the same thing ice fishing and goose hunting. Brother prefers Micky Mouse boots when it is really cold.
    I do the same thing with my hands...lighter gloves...a muff and warmers.
  7. muck boots bass pro shop great boot warmest i have tried little pricey $119 but well worth it they will out last regular rubber boots go to check them out i have some rocky rubber 3years old and starting to crack1200 gram thinsulate never once did i get cold feet bp has a big selection and you can read reviews of what others think
  8. this is great i use sure unsented aeriosol spray deodorant sometimes i thought i was the only crazy person on here
  9. I wear Rocky Buck Stalkers with 400 g. of thinsulate, though they come with 800 and maybe 1200. These are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. They are perfect for bow season and when it gets cold I just slip hand warmer in the end. I highly recomend these boots; Gander Mountain sells them for about $80.
  10. i wear the buckstalkers also, 1000g. i wear them one size too big with one pair of insulated socks. if it gets below 25 i put some toasty toes foot warmers under my socks, but as long as you don't stuff the boots full of socks and let an air space exist around your feet you should stay warm.
  11. i use toasty toes on the bottom of my socks then an insulated boot then ice breaker booties with a foot warmer on top between it and my boot. it'll keep you warm on the coldest of mornings but can be a hassle to get it all going but if you are going to sit long hrs. it's worth it. i'm going to try the anti persperant trick. i thank you all for that idea.
  12. Lacrosse Snow Packs Never Had Cold Feet In These!!!
  13. Cabela's Predator Extreme pac boot is very warm. As far as full rubber boots, Cabela's Dura Trax 2000 gram are also very warm.
  14. Lacrosse Alpha Burly 1000. Get at least a half size bigger. Comfortable, and warm. I've had two pair. Best boots I've ever hunted in and I wear a thin wool (army) sock untill it gets down in the teens, then I add another pair. Remember, the tighter they are the colder they get.
  15. i wear my rubber boots with the smart wool system. Instead of using those paper thin pair of socks they give you for moisture wicking.. I put on a pair of dress socks instead. they are bit thicker and much more comfortable. Then i put the smart wool on. Remember to buy your boots about a size or more bigger than you need. The worst thing you can do is stuff your feet in a boot that fits with your normal socks but is too tight when you have those big socks on. The key to staying warm is trapping air and heating it up with your body heat... leave the boots a bit big.