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New 0 carb Fish batter

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Bocephus, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Heres a zero carb fish batter recipie, its really very good.
    I did this with catfish fellets and bass....GOOD!!!

    Just beat a few eggs, dip the fish in the egg.
    Then roll the fish in ground up pork rinds.

    I grind the rinds with an electric food chopper and store them in a
    tupperware bown on the shelf.

    Anyone doing the no carb thing knows that breading is your worst enemy.
    Really Good Stuff!
  2. hey bo!!
    sounds tastey and simple. question what do you use to fry them in ?

  3. Sounds like a great recipe BO...It appears it definitely is working for you based on photos I've seen of you on here.....I'm guessing the pre-LOW CARB was the Bocephus pics and the post-LOW CARB was the Hickory Nut pics. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. I use a skillet.
  5. Catfish and Pork.....Is this a Donnie Baker thing??

    The Pork Rind makes it's own grease for the fryin'.

    I believe if I ate Bocephus' no-carb diet for one year...Iiiiiiiii......might be a REDNECK!!!!
  6. ha ha ha mr. six pack. i mean do you use peanut oil, butter or bacon grease, vegie oil. sometimes it makes a difference.
  7. You mean next to Crisco and pork rinds, right? Any weight loss from that diet is just an illusion. The fat will have simply moved from your gut to the insides of your arteries! :evil:
  8. Piggyn and pork rinds don't mix!!!!

    coming from a guy with the handle of Pigggyn, does the whole pork rind thing offend you????