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New adventure at 70

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Edward Alberding, May 13, 2006.

  1. Hi! I'm new here. Also just did my first trout flyfishing trip. Went to Vermont and had a ball, now I want to find somewhere that's not 14 hours away to do some stream flyfishing.
  2. Hey edward i am sure u will love the site!!!;) I am new too!!! I have never been fly fishing in my life i would love to try!!!


  3. Welcome to the site, Edward.
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Welcome to the site...I'm sure someone will answer your question about flyfishing.

  6. Keep your wait, that's your mind open...

    Welcome to the site Edward.
    My wife and I are avid flyfisherman too. When it comes to Indiana, there are a FEW good locations to get into some stream trout, but if you keep your mind open to non-trout fishing, the sky is the limit here. I believe in areas that don't hold trout, other fish are more than happy to step up to the plate and act like trout, taking any mannor of wet flies and drys as well.
    On light gear, creek chubs will give you a nice trout substitute (no not in the frying pan) and hammer flies. There are a number of good small mouth rivers in Indiana. Bass and bluegill are always a blast. Freashwater drum will take flies...and my favorite...INDIANA BONEFISH the Carp, love flies and will hammer your gear hard.
    If you can get away for a day trip...MI has lots of good trout water.
  7. Welcome to the site Edward!
  8. There are several places in West Virginia and they also stock several streams in spring and fall.It should be soon when the put in the big ones around 18 to 20 inches. It's about 400 miles from South Bend.I currently live in WV and would be happy to help.The limit is 6 in streams and I always limit out in a few hours.I have my best luck on nightcrawlers and yellow powerbait with glitter or roostertails(yellow killerbee).I'm around my computer only on weekends due to work so write back and I can give you more info next weekend if you are interested.
  9. Welcome! Great to have you with us. Fly fishing can be a blast for about all Indiana fish!
  10. Hi Edward welcome to the site as Quail said there is not many streams to catch big trout, there is a small lake call Wyland in the Tri-State chain where they put trout in to catch and there is a river call the Pigeon River at Mongo In. and you can wad and fish for trout and bass and I think there are trout in big and littler cedar. I know you will enjoy the site.
  11. Welcome Edward! Not sure where you are located but Sugar Creek that runs through Turkey Run State Park in Parke County holds smallmouth bass that will take a fly...the Little Vermillion River and Big Vermillion River in Vermillion County are nice streams and Brouellets (sp?) Creek that runs from Illinois through Vermillion County to the Wabash River is another nice creek to fish for smallies and LM Bass. Good Luck!