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New Bass Pro Shop at Portage!

Discussion in 'Northwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by goggleye57, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Saw in the paper they will be breaking ground on a new bass pro shop at Portage in April or '06.
  2. Good News! Thats not to far of a drive!
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  3. Hey Crooked how far is Portage from C.C.? I live in Larwill
  4. ccavacini

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    I just hope it's far enough from Ft. Wayne that's it's too long of a drive...I can't afford it. If they ever get one closer to the Fort, I'm borke.
  5. Can't wait. I live about 20 min. away from there and they actually started to build something in the area where the store will be. There is actually going to be a Cabelas not far from BPS too. Cabelas wont be done that soon. I think I am going need to work there just to feed my "habit".;)
  6. Yeah, it is a done deal. I live in Portage, about 5 mins. away from where Bass Pro is going to be built, and it is said that ground will break the first of April 2006, and completion will be in November of 2006. I would have thought that they would start a little sooner to be open for the entire Indiana hunting season, but I guess it took a little longer to sort out the details. I can see it now, I am going to have to live at work, just to pay for my Bass Pro addiction.
  7. YOU should have plenty of money since you gave up NASCAR.The sport will miss you. EVERTHING in BASS PRO made in U S A .LoL....:fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish:
  8. How far to Portage from Ft Wayne?
  9. Up by the Indiana dunes on lake Michigan by the river and you can rent boats and test dive them.
    The bad news it will open in the middle of November.
  10. It's around 90 minutes from Warsaw
  11. Inside information is that a Basspro will be opening in Avon. I do not have a construction date.
  12. Wish they would open a Bass Pro and Cabelas around Indianapolis. I get tired of waiting 4 days for internet orders. Gander Mnt. is alright, but the selection at the other places is better.
  13. Thanks Kodiak, I hope than open soon, just need to look around and yes I will buy something I don't need.
  14. Well, April of '06 is here. Is there a more definitive opening date as of yet?:bouncy: