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New Bass Pro Shops in Southern Indiana

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by scottharvey18, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. I am the promotions manager for the new Bass Pro Shops that is opening in Southern Indiana. I am trying to get a hold of the all the different hunting and fishing groups in Indiana. Please reply here and I will get back to you...

    Scott Harvey
  2. Jack Corpuz, President - Central Indiana Pheasants Forever/Banquet Committee - Ruffed Grouse Society Indianapolis Chapter

  3. Scott, a couple groups I would get ahold of are Hoosier Muskie Hunters and Webster Lake Musky Club. I would also suggest that you get on corporate and tell them they need a store in Northern Indiana also, preferably NorthWestern as you can get a ton of sales from all those who refuse to drive 1.5 hours or more to Gurnee..

    I think John Routt from the Hoosier club may be the one to get ahold of for that club and Chae Dolson for the Webster Club
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  4. Hey Thanks a lot...

    I appreciate the info... I wish I could convince them to build a store up there, I know you guys need one... I am just glad that they are putting one down here near louisville.

    Again thanks for the info... I will get a hold of them right away...
  5. It was my impression that store was going to be near Clarksville, way south of Indianapolis.
  6. Store will be in Clarksville

    That is correct... The store will be in Clarksville... That's about 2 hours south of Indy. We plan on opening in mid November, unfortunately it will be the Monday after the Gun Season Opens....
  7. Mr. Harvey,

    Hi my name is Tj Hammons, i just currently got medically discharged from the Army from an accident in Afganistan. Me and some of my close friends have started a hunting club. Southern Indiana outdoors we are just starting out but looking for new members anyone interested please contact me. Our main goal is to get Kids introduced to the outdoors.