New Bill To Legalize Leverguns For Deer

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  1. Just read the following and thought I'd pass along the info:

    Introduced by Senator Waterman:

    SENATE BILL No. 263


    A BILL FOR AN ACT concerning natural and cultural resources.

    Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana:

    SOURCE: ; (06)IN0263.1.1. --> SECTION 1. [EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2006] (a) As used in this SECTION, "department" refers to the department of natural resources.
    (b) Before July 1, 2007, the director of the department shall adopt rules under IC 14-22-2-6 to establish a hunting season in which rifles that meet the following requirements may be used:
    (1) The rifle is an authentic or reproduction of an exposed hammer or carbine rifle manufactured between 1860 and 1899.
    (2) The rifle uses lever, rolling block, or slide action.
    (3) The rifle uses ammunition that is tubular fed.
    (4) The rifle uses centerfire ammunition that is not less than .25-20 caliber.
    (5) The rifle has a barrel length of at least sixteen (16) inches.
    (6) The rifle does not use a box magazine.
    (7) The rifle meets any other requirements established by the department.
    (c) The department may allow the use of other firearms that are
    authentic or reproductions of firearms that were manufactured before 1899 that meet requirements established by the department.
    (d) This SECTION expires July 1, 2010.
  2. Uh, it doesn't look like this even made it out of the Senate Natural Resources Committe this year. Sorry try again.


  3. It sounds great,i'll contact my representive,get it heard on the floor.
  4. This bill was pulled with the understanding that the DNR will address the issue of a rifle season in the near future. I did say "address" not pass. With the administration now I find it hard see a rifle season at anytime in the future.
  5. Looks like it should be a simple thing to do,just add in the legal firearms description exactally what 'rifles/calibers' they KNOW is appropiate.Whatever would be no more dangerous than a black powder rifle or slug gun,which there is several,BUT maybe have a limit on capacity,lets say 3-4 rounds.
  6. I dont care if the law ever still hunting during firarm season with my muzzleloader.
  7. Bring It On

    I Would Be For It. I See A Lever Gun No Different From Using A Handgun That Is Currently Legal Shooting The Same Round. Probablly No More Powerful Than A Modern Muzzleloader With 150 Grains Of Powder. Bring It On, I Have Always Wanted One Anyway, It Will Give Me A Reason To Go Buy A New Gun.
  8. I feel that way too ,i started using a caplock ,but it would be nice to have that option,such as a 44-40 winchester,heck i might even dress like John Wayne,but that knit cap under a 10 gallon hat might look funny.:tongue:
  9. I'm not sure climbing up a tree stand with spurs on would be a good idea.
  10. Rifles

    Bo...I agree with you, my muzzleloader is all the rifle I need.
  11. The wife and kids use the muzzleloaders, but I will continue to use my trusty accurate .243, .308, 30-06 or 7-30 Waters barrels on my T/C Contender or Encore frames. Am more accurate and can shoot farther than the muzzleloaders

    Still seems strange that they don't at least allow rifles in the southern counties where there are more hills. We hunt in Greene county and would love to use rifles there.
  12. Single shooter:

    All of the calibers you cite will be illegal under the new rule !!!

    .243 does not meet caliber

    .308 ,30-06, 7-30 does not meet case length...........

    Years and years of adding calibers, now they want to reverse course.Now before anyone chastises me for my position, I supported pistol season when it came in, when we started adding rifle calibers......308,30-06 I argued that this was not what a pistol season was invisioned for. I was told few would use them and it was "opportunity". Years later my son decides he wants to try a pistol in .308. He does it right and invests over 1200.00 in a dang pistol. Now it is going to be illegal for deer?

    Yet we can add pistol cartridge firing rifles? And a smokeless powder muzzleloader is still legal?

    I see a clouded picture......
  13. Has a new handgun rule been introduced?
  14. Yes if the case length is over 1.625 if is illegal.... takes out ALL the rifle cartridges and the Rem35.

    If the bullet is less than .357 it is illegal if the rule goes through.

    Now I have a question, seems the problem is that DNR has concerns (today) about a hangun shooting a rifle bullet yet.................. No problem with rifle shooting a pistol bullet. Are any of you confused?

    If It is shown that a rifle bullet has caused accidents or damage I'm all for safety, but just saying "the bullet could travel........." aint good enough.
  15. WEll dang them ,if they was going to do away with pistols,forget that bill,i want my 629s&w pistol.Its a safe way to go,put it in a holster,climb your tree safely,over fences and under brush,much easier,may be harder to hold still or reduced range keeps me from getting a few deer,but i'll shut my mouth now,What was the reason for doing away with pistols?