New Bowtech Design-Center Pivot

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Main Beam, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Oh goodness............Don't let Smokey Z see this...............:biggrin:

  2. It's been talked about and debated (and bashed) over at archerytalk.

    Interesting looking concept. A look that will take a lot to grow on a guy like me. From what I've read it shoots like a dream. It definitely is a thing of beauty from a machining perspective. If you want to seem some awesome photos of this bow, check out this link. Very nice photos of the bow at static and in action too.

    It doesn't look like my cup of tea, but from an engineering perspective, it is a thing of beauty.

  3. Say it Dew,.......GIMMICK!:cwm27:
  4. Not what I was thinking Mainbeam.............I was thinking "How is he gonna handle gettin' whipped at his own game.....with one of those in MY hands. :evilsmile :evilsmile

    God help his Charrrred Black little soul. :evilsmile
  5. Looks pretty cool to me. I wonder when they'll come out with one that shoots slugs?
  6. 100% correct. I too am an Engineer and that would be a dream to do R&D on something like that. As far as hunting goes, too many moving parts for me...just more to go wrong. JMO though.
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  7. At $749 plus $50 for the camo finish, I don't care if it kills...tracks...guts... packages and cooks a deer, I'lll never have one. Maybe 25 years ago... B.K (before kids).
  8. Wow, I just read that and....HUUUUHHHH? I'll bet trdtnlbwhntr doesn't have to worry about all that garbage!
  9. looks too freakin weird to be a bow:coco: :coco: .................................perhaps a ufo?????? You won't find me shooting one.
  10. First thing they taught us at Purdue's school of engineering (before they weed out half the soph. class) was the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Looks like Bowtech is trying too be a little too progressive.
  11. When I look at the bow I have now vs. the Bear Whitetail I started with 30 years ago... I could say the same thing. In a couple of years all bows may look like this.
    Like I said, I'll never buy one anyway.
  12. It does look like another gimmick, but i'll never decide untill I shoot one. Someone i know was shooting a while ago with one of the bowtech shooters and he had the new center pivot system on his bow. He said he loved it and he shot quite well.
  13. I know that Bowtech hasn't been around for that long, but I don't think they're ones to promote "gimmicks." The logic behind the system is sound. I'll bet the vibration on the shot is almost nil. I'd LOVE to shoot one of these things!
  14. WOW... im not sure what to say to be honest...

    TO each his own i suppose
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