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New Box Call, Opinions please

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Fuzzy Muzzy, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all,
    Ol Fuzzy has been playing in the shop and I came up with this call. FINALLY I made one for myself!! HOWEVER, if someone is interested....PM me with what you think it's worth to you!....PLEASE, give me your opinions of what you think of this call....Since it's the first one like this, I'm calling it "The G3C Elite"
    NOW introducing "The G3C Elite" Box call by Gobble Getter Game Calls
  2. i'll let you hang out with me again sometime if you give me that call fuzzy!!!!

    haha man it looks great!!

  3. Sounds like an ol "HO-Hen" just lookin for her Tommy boy too! HAHA!

  4. I dont know, shoot me a pm and Ill send you an address for some field testing of course. You can also send that bow with it.. Ill field test that baby for you too.
  5. I think you need to let one of us "Pro Staffers" test it our for you Fuzzman.:biggrin:

    That is very sweet looking. If it sounds 1/2 as good as it looks ... then look out. Toms won't know what hit them and neither will you when the orders start coming in.

    Very nice work.[​IMG]
  6. Really nice looking. What are your wood choices? Walnut, maple, poplar and cedar? Post us a pic when it is finished and shiny.
  7. ok fuzz...
    you're my boy
    i like you
    but you're breaking my b@lls fuzz
    final offer
    i'll buy all you can drink at the stallagio this summer!!!


    you get to hang out with me

    cant beat that haha

    excellent work again my friend...hows it sound?
  8. I"m not sure I'm gonna make this one shiny.....To the wood choices lol...yes to Walnut, Poplar and Cedar, there's also oak, cypress and yellow cedar in it as well.
    Thanks for all the comments guys!
  9. awesome fuzz...its not turd though...haha,
  10. Sounds like an ol "HO-Hen" just lookin for her Tommy boy too! Fuzz

  11. Tell you what maintain the pool all summer, and I'll put a cot in the poolhouse for ya! :evil:
  12. Call looks awesome Fuzzy!

    I'll be honest...I'm a little nervous about taking mine in the woods for fear of damaging it, but that one looks like you could run over it with a TANK! :)

    Do you do your own laminating? Or buy the wood like that? Either way...I LOVE it!
  13. Yeah Stallion, I had the idea in my mind & started playing. It was fun.

  14. I like it Fuzz. I'll trade one of my glass/glass pots for one of those, wadda ya think? I'll have some pics of them soon. Nice call Fuzz.