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New Fall Turkey Season?

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by JoeBow, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. I've heard rumors that there will be a new fall season. I also heard that you will be allowed to take a hen. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Personally, I'm no so sure I'll be doing much bird hunting in the fall. Most of my time is taken up by the whitetails. But you never know... I'll try anything once.
  2. YEP...'tis TRUE!!!


    First welcome...although a relatively new forum, seems like a great place & a great group of people (to me at least!)! Hope you stick around!!!

    As to your question, yep...'tis true!!! There will be both an archery season AND a short gun season (5 days I think!) only in selected counties! There was a pretty strict formula used in determining which counties will have the gun season, so this year at least it will be pretty limited. I have not heard (YET!) the exact counties that were selected, however from what I understand is that it was any county that had 300 or greater birds taken, AND the surrounding counties had high numbers also (can't remember what the exact # they used for the surrounding counties part!)

    Yes, on the second part will be open to either sex!

    I have been hunting in KY's fall season the last several years and it is a BLAST! The birds act completely different during this time of year and makes for an enjoyable hunt! Kinda like the difference in hunting whitetails in early September (ALSO KY!) versus hunting them come the second week of November or so!;)

    Give 'er a try, I think you'll enjoy it...besides, whitetail hunting is still pretty slow then anyway!

  3. Sounds great! I have never hunted turkey before. During the springtime I'm either fishing, putting the garden in or a hundred other things that have to get done around the house. I've always told myself to get out & try it, but you know how that goes.

    While in the deer stand the past few years I've had turkey all around me several times. In 2002 I had bow shots at 2 toms. From what I have heard it's real tough taking a turkey with a bow from a stand, but I'd love to try it.

    Have you heard if the season will be running at the same time as bow season?

    Thanks for the info,
  4. Wanatah, man you are missing out. There is nothing better than calling in a gobbler from half a mile away and all the sudden have him appear all puffed up and gobblin his head off! This will be my 5th year hunting them. I've taken one the past two years. Last year"s bird I'm really proud of because I stalked up on him, AND my buddy who was with me got it on tape. Can we put video on here?? Plus the ole boy weighed 27 lbs with a 11 inch beard.

    Anyway, HunterEd I was going to ask you how do I need to change my calling in the fall? I would assume just a locator... Any advice? Thanks.
  5. Fall turkey calling...

    Well, really your best bet is to just use the soft calls…purrs, kee-kee’s, etc. Turkeys just aren’t really very vocal that time of year and therefore fall turkey hunting is more akin to deer hunting IMHO…more “ambush” style hunting! Just like the deer, turkeys are on a ‘feeding pattern’ that time of year so if you can locate where they are feeding, you are halfway there!

    One thing that we have found that does work well in the fall (will also work to some degree in the Spring for that matter!) is to purposely break up/scatter the flock, then set-up and make soft calls like a lost hen when they are trying to group back up!

    BTW- I did hear the dates, but can’t remember what I was told!:bonk: The archery season should coincide with early archery for deer...but can't remember what they said about firearms! I am doing another hunter’s ed class in a couple of weeks and will find out for sure then! As soon as I do, I will certainly let you know!!!
  6. Thanks for the advise. Early in archery season this year, I was seeing roughly 30 hens a night, and every now and then a couple toms would pop up. Another guy I know was seeing close to 50!