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New Foiles

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by supr87gt, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Just got this baby in the mail today. It should complement my strait meat honker nicely and add a little different color to the lanyard.

  2. Very nice.:coolgleam

    How does it blow compared to the Honker?

  3. Im still playing with the tuning on it. Right now I've got her a little more mellow. You get a lot of sounds from hand movement though. I blew one at the DU outdoors festival in WI this past year and didn't like it at ALL. I decided to give it another shot and so far Im glad I did. If only the nuisance season were upon us, it'd sound like a nice fat resident goose.:woohoo1:
  4. The only thing I dont like about it is how the insert is made with no place for a loop from the lanyard. If I put it where the flare starts, it's in the way of my hands.
  5. Sweet, I just got my new Brian Ferguson....I will post a pic later...
  6. Yea, you're right, that does kind of suck. I always put a loop on both halves of every call. I lost an insert on a duck call one time, learned my lesson. More of a problem on duck calls then goose calls. Since most goose calls have a double o-ring, they seal pretty darn tight, but still it is not worth the risk to single loop one, IMO.
  7. New Hayes Call

    Just arrived. A Hayes Cocobola short reed with Victoria Honker guts.:)

    You guys peaked my interest in the Hayes calls, so my wallet kicked in.:bouncy:

    Nice looking and well balanced call. Sounds very nice. Deeper tone, typical of the Victoria guts. I think it might have a place on my lanyard.:coolgleam