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New for 2006

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. This year the limit for deer grows even bigger!

    2 with archery

    1 antlered during general gun season if you did not take a buck in early archery.

    1 in muzzleloader


    The legal limit of antlerless deer in EVERY county. No limit, you just can not take more than a quota is allowed in a given county.

    92 counties.......329 antlerless permits per person!!!!

    That is before you get to reserved and State park hunts.......

    Who has the most liberal bag limits on whitetail deer in the US?

    You gotta love it........
  2. Sweeet!!!!

    Kinda shoots the argument that the OBR takes away "hunter opportunity" don't you think Joe?


    Folks, you want to improve your deer hunting like it's never been? Utilize this liberal doe limit and pass young bucks. In just a few years you'll have many mature bucks on your property. Indiana gets better and better....

  3. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    are you saying we get to take two bucks and our county quota for does.
  4. your Funny :chillin:
  5. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    well brew i'm sorry i'm a little :confused: on this can some one :help: me with what this means.
  6. Sweet

    YOU think Dean would say" SWEET "if it was More THAN ONE BUCK........
  7. It's still One Buck Rule ONLY OBK.......what Joe is saying is that you can take several does. If you like venison, then shoot as many does as you legally can. This will also help drive the size of bucks up too. According to what you read about Iowa some where, this should now make sense to you. BUT, you'll have to be willing to pass up those 1.5 year-old 4 and 6 pointers if you want to shoot another monster.
  8. SON...Let me tell you when Me and your Grandpa SHOT 329 Does In ONE season.....:yikes: Thats not right...Sorry
  9. OBR for ever, with all the does and other game that you can kill, bunnies, turkeys, squirrels, coyotes, ground hogs, raccoons and lots of birds. ONE buck is all you need. Tell me why you need to kill more than one buck?
  10. 'Cause I'm an antler worshipping zombie, that's why. I have an alter of antler........

    I think it's time for the 2006 Oath...

    I am an antler worshipper,
    who loves giant racks,
    but I can change,
    No, not really......:rolleyes:
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  12. Dean, did you bring another brother to the fold?
    Did he sign his oath?
    Did he have to pay you 30 bucks like I had to?
  13. Dean??

    "who loves giant racks,"

    Me also :redface: double d's

    Deer hunting is no longer management but perception, last year the legal limit was 60sum deer. Today it is 329+.

    My fear is it is a political thing that IDNR can say......"Look we tried".

    People need to wake up and smell the roses, kill those does !

    If we do that the buck situation will take care of itself, let CNS OBK and others continue to cry, they are the "antler worshippers".
  14. My thoughts exactly Joe (about double Ds too). Deer hunting seems to be way too political in this state. I mean, I know that it is in other states as well, but especially so in Indiana.

    Do you think the OBR will survive after this season?
  15. depends on if they revamp some other categories and their thinking on certain topics. Its not a money issue and if it is there are several other ways to supplement their accounts without getting rid of the OBR. But will they see that??? probably not. Their biggest concern seems to be out of state outfitter leasing, and I cant really blame them all that much nobody wants to see that happen, but if they changed a few things around that could be deterred too as well as keeping the OBR. I dont know what will happen but it seems like it should stay if you ask me at least give it another five years.