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New granddaughter...WOW, I'm old.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by bambicide, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Today is the day. I have a new granddaughter being born sometime today. My oldest daughter went to the hospital this morning. She will be my second grandchild... I have a 2 year old grandson. Also, one of my other daughters is due in May/June. Pass the cigars!
    5lbs 3oz... 2:30 this afternoon. thanks for the congrats everybody.
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  2. Congrats bambicide! Fire up a cigar for me!!!
  3. Congratulations, Bambicide.
  4. Congrates. You got to love the ones you can spoil and send home. Tell all your family we said congradulations
  5. congrats for you and the family.:biggrin:
  6. Amen to that...It's payback time !!! Your kids will finally realize you were right all along.