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new gun

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by scotty29, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. :help: ok guys & gals give an idea for a coyote gun I'm looking to start hunting.
  2. This question kinda sparked my interest in a yote gun. I don't hunt yotes myself (yet), but I will start next year. I looked at a couple coyote web sites that polled their people and the numbers say .223 followed close by the .243. I called my brother and asked what he uses and he said .22-250. He also said that I should find a gun that I can shoot and fits well. Then he said that using great optics is very important. I have seen my brother shoot 1-1/2 inch groups at 200 yards consistantly. I'm not sure but I would consider that to be very good.


    Almost forgot, welcome to the site.:bonk:
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  3. I guess 22-250 gets my vote since thats the only gun I have used for yotes. I hear .204 gets out there an knocks them down as well, .223 is cheaper to shoot. Like MI Duck Hunter said, find a gun that fits well and is comfortable. I have a Muaser 98 action and Kimber barrel, but Savage has excellent accuracy right out of the box, and they have then new Accu-Trigger... Just go handle a few guns and the gun shop or shoot some of your friends rifles, and find something ya like. Optics are what you pay for them, cheap price = El cheapo scope!! Trust me glass etched recticles suck...

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  4. Depends on the area you will hunt. If you have open area where long distance shots will happen my vote is 243. Not the cheapest on ammo, but it will reach out and touch them. If you are in thick area definetely need 12 guage to reach through the trash. Best set up is with 2 guys and 1 of each gun. Just in case they get in close before you get a shot with the rifle, 00 buck shot will take care of buisness.
    Optics is what will make or break. Usually if it makes the gun better, it breaks your wallet.