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new guy needs help!@!

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by mason34, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. I am brand new to trapping and want to start out with coons. I want to use a foot hold trap, and my questions are what size and do you bait them and if so with what. also this is a stupid question but what meens do you use to kill them?????
  2. If you are going with foot holds for coons I recomend a size 2. But if you are just starting out I would recomend using 220 conibears instead of footholds. Use a 5 gallon bucket and place bait inside of it and set it on its side. Then either cut wedges in the bucket so the 220 fits in, this way the coon has to go through the conibear to get into the bucket. You will have success with this more often then a foot hold trap. As for bait... I have used popcorn, let over meat, peanut butter, dog food... pretty much anything that has a smell that a coon would be attracted to. Good luck and I hope I helped. I'm sure there are other people on this site that have more knowledge about this.

  3. Personally i haven't had much sucess with the footholds. like angler said go with the 220's in the bucket set, that way if u get a coon it will already be dead. Use extreme caution when setting 220's. I have always used a can of sardines, or canned dogfood. Good luck trapping. ;)
  4. 1.5 coil spring leg hold traps. Dirt hole sets mainly.Sardines,fish,and you can buy different lures and baits from trapping supply companies..22 shot right at the ears to minamize fur damage. I have found that some of my best looking sets tend to catch plenty of possums and skunks ,so be ready to catch some.
    Make sure to boil and dye your traps to kill any foreign smells(I use walnuts). I haven't ever spent the time to wax my traps ,but some people prefer that. Handle your traps with rubber gloves as to not taint them.
    Fur-Fish -Game is a great magazine with some articles about trapping, so is Trapper and Predator Caller if that magazine is still published that is a great read also!
    Good luck and take a kid trapping,that is still my favorite outdoor activity. My kids love to make trapping ventures with me and see what we catch(usually skunks and possums but last year we caught our first coyote together...awesome time!)
  5. Bucket sets

    I have heard of guys catching domestic dogs and cats in the bucket sets. Have you guys that set with buckets heard of this? Where I live this wouldn't be a problem, but I could see where some places that set might not be wise? Just wondering.
  6. 1.5 coil springs are good but u will have more success with the conibears there easy to set and deadly. uyour catch rate will be so much better. look for mjor travel routes make them work your set. cubby sets are effective also basically the same principle as the bucket set. u can use many baits sweet smelling stuff anise and cotton balls works well i like chocolate donuts and pure honey they cant resist it. fishy stuff works well attracts an occasional possum. make sure your traps are secure. try different baits see what works best in your area.try to leave minimal scent with the footholds try to conceal them as well as possible. sift them over with dirt keep in mind also of cold weather sometimes they will freeze up.dirt hole sets work well in the creek banks just remember to always make them work the sets. fur fish game magazine would be a great one for u to get.
  7. Haven't caught someone's pet, but i have caught a feral cat once.
  8. ooooh......there is a way u can dog proof a cubby set but not sure how its done.
  9. I have caught cats in both foot holds and conibears. I would like to think they were feral. I've also caught squirrels and rabbits in footholds as well.
  10. If it ain't got no feral in my book. Killing feral kittys is one thing but when it comes to a little girls cats that is something i try to prevent.
  11. hey guys don't feel bad about the domestic animals i believe that you should keep your animals in your own yard if they run loose you take the chance of never seeing them someday my dog never leaves the property if he should get stupid and bust the invisible fence then it is his chance cause when i find him i'll give him a swift kick cats domestic or feral kill baby rabbits weather its the little girls kitty doesn't make a difference i don't like sounding cruel buts it fact keep your animals at home

    you can get domestics out of foothold traps i say just enjoy the fun and sport thats how i got money growing up of course price where better too never had problems with dogs runnig deer boys what do you do i shoot and ask questions later you figure it out
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  12. I caught a field mouse in a 1 1/2 leghold one time. Closed right on the little bugger's neck. Ouch!
  13. i caught a woodpecker in a foothold one time. i baited it with a ear of corn damn bird landed right on the pan. that was probably the strangest catch i ever made......
  14. One time i caught a possum, the darn thing must have weighed some where between 10 -15 lbs. the canines on him where over a inch long!!!!!!
  15. .............but haven't caught anything small like ya'll have........... but u never know what you are going to find when checking them sets in the morning.