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New Here!! Ex-military

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Hey friends,

I am a long time resident of Madison county and enjoy our remarkable outdoors. I used to be an infantryman in the Army for four years and have served in AFG and IRQ. Anyways, I'm currently enrolled in school over in New York and only get to visit family for breaks in school. Since the effort to hunt here in NY would take too long and I'll miss most of the good stuff I am hoping to find some hunting friends for the winter even if I can just tag along for XP.

I would describe myself as a novice hunter when it comes to animals lmao and have been interested in learning more about how to trap or snare (particularly fox/coyote/otters?). I only own an AR , pistols, and a little Henry .17 hmr at the moment but won't be an issue to correctly load out.

Anyways, I hope y'all are having a good start to winter and hope some of you here wouldn't mind teaching a young buck the ropes or at least answering my many questions haha.

Peace Through Firepower,

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Welcome to the site and thanks for serving.
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