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new hunters view climbing treestand

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by indianadeerhunter, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. I have a new hunters view climbing treestand that I would like to trade for some traps. I would like to have either leghold or bodygriping. Any sizes is fine. Also might be interested in any kind of trappin equipment. Just pm me and let me know what ya got. The treestand is brand new and never been in a tree. I did some how manage to loose all but one of the clamps that go on the cables.. They got missplaced somehow...If I happen to find them I will post it. Also have a safty harness that goes with it..I have included a picture of it as well as the clamps I mentioned being missing so you can see what I meant.. Not sure how good the pics are cause I used a web cam..That is why the spelling looks backwards...for some reason my web cam tkes backwards pic. If anyone is interested than get ahold of me and we can disscuss what I will take...thanks for looking and have a great day... - See More Here: